FOF #771 – Leather and Lace

Jun 2, 2008 · 1985 views

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IML, the International Mr. Leather conference came and went last week here in Chicago and we’re still recovering from the dizzying hurricane of leathermen, human dogs, bondage queens, otters, bears and furries! There was two […]


  1. Interestingly enough, Presidential Candidate John McCain’s daughter wears the same thing, and she isn’t in hot water:

    thanks to Steven Peterson for the link!

  2. Here is John McCain’s daughter wearing the same scarf, courtesy of Gawker:

  3. $5 a gallon! I wish we were paying that, we’re paying between $8.78 and $9.45 per gallon.

  4. queerunity says:

    ugh 2girls1cup is so gross

  5. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!

    Otherwise, Michelle Malkin is an idiot, and a big hypocritical idiot at that…

    She blogged a press release by a group of student protesters opposing recruiters on campus without removing contact information first, and then just told them to grow up when they started getting death threats and the like…

    …Then she had to move her family when people opposed to her started putting her home contact info and maps to her house and the like all over the internet, because she started getting death threats and the like. I guess growing up is hard to do.

    She’s basically an Asian-American Ann Coulter… in that she mistakes being shrill for insight and screaming for discourse.

  6. dave73 says:

    The 2girls1cup video topic will probably get ressurected on myspace. I won’t mention the person’s name, but that video is too gross to watch, and that person would get a laugh at our expense.

  7. Matty says:

    Ok, before I saw a pic from the add I thought Rachel might of been wearing the scarf like in old hollywood movies. Ya know, drapd over her hair then wrapped around her neck once or twice. That old fashioned and totally vintage chic way does sorta look like a tradtional Islamic draping of a womans head scarf. But the way Rachel is wearig it isn’t any way like what Islamics are doing. Excpect that maybe both Rachels and an Islamic womans scarf could both be torn and tattered looking. For Rachel it the tatteredness of the scarf was a style statement and when islamic women scarves are torn a tattered like Rachel’s it just mean she’s poor. This is just so dumb, hundreds of other famous and nonfamous women islamic or otherwise wear scarves like that. So, so, so stupid. On a lighter and more sensible note, I love the segway whistle! half way through this show eveytime a new subject was segwayed in you all had me shouting “segway whistle! segway whistle!!” if it wansn’t blown. Great show ya’ll.

  8. OK. Who else spent the day asking coworkers – if you had to choose between Cyndi Lauper and Madonna, who would it be.

    Fausto – your theory works

    Though one guy said he’d rather see Metallica and I told him he must be a McCain supporter.

  9. P.S. I love how the “you may be interested videos” on youtube above shows Nazi book burning in conjunction with Forced Feminization. Perhaps its the dyslexic niza for nazi.

  10. Ross says:

    Speaking of forced feminization…

  11. Eeek! I was SO scared when this was happening.

  12. Jonzu says:

    Great show guys. I would love to see Michelle Malkin spit and sputter as she learns that she has been a promoter and propaganda tool for the terrorists as she continues to use the honorable label “Jihad” as pointed out in the editorial page of the NY Times yesterday. How “refreshing”!

    Here is a link to the article.

  13. RcktMan says:

    Is it just me, or does McCain’s daughter look strangely like Lindsay Lohan?

    Love you Sal! Glad to hear you again! Your sultry pics at IML are too much! I never knew you were such a hairy boy.. lol! 🙂

    The whole Rachael Ray thing is soooo out of control and stupid. I swear the “right” is grasping at something — ANYTHING– to get everyone talking about terrorism. It’s ridiculous.

  14. jockbdboy says:

    Great show…just listened this morning guys. I had a terrific time at IML too, even though I didn’t get a chance to see you guys. I volunteeered for Stage Crew and got the opportunity to spend about 25 mins with Andy Bell and his partner! 🙂

  15. Sal-E I was bummed to hear that you did not get to connect with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence more at IML. I talk about the Feast of fools in Los Angeles House all the time. This year the Sisters were invited by Mike Gerle to bless the event and this event was something many sisters were involved in. Perhaps you caught the sisters at a time when their minds were busy thinking about the blessing. I really hope to hear more about your adventures with the Sisters and starting a house in Chicago. I think the task is harder because this is a brand new house so it takes alot of work vs my situation of having an established house in my city that is over 12 years strong and and active group.

    This year in Seattle the Sisters have been chosen as the image for pride and they have posters of Sisters on the Metro City Buses and billboards in the city for the up comming Seattle Pride. I feel this is important because of the public awareness aspect and acceptance from the city.

    Have a wonderful time in Milwaukee!!

  16. Jonzu says:

    Great show guys! I would love to see Michelle Malkin spit and sputter as she learns that she has been a promoter and propaganda tool for terrorists as she continues to use the honorable label “Jihad” which has been pointed out in the editorial page of the NY Times yesterday as a desired title. Word right back to here! How “refreshing”!

    Also, don’t cring but I’m a Spam lover. I can only eat a few slices a year; it’s so salty. But it works great in dicing up for making “cha-han” (Chinese fried rice) and my partner loves “Spam sushi” which he picks up near his work.

    Trivia here: the reason “islander’s” go for Spam is it was introduced to those places by US troops in times of war: Korea, Hawaii, Guam are all big markets for Spam. Now Iraq I’m not so sure…

  17. ColJH says:

    I did the same thing, Matty!

    Segway Whistle!!!

    I love it. Haha.

  18. kwolfe says:

    Had a great time at IML this year (first time!) and getting to meet Sal-E… and a mention on the show was nice too 🙂

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