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FOF #2747 – IML is for Everyone

IML, the International Mr. Leather Contest and Conference just wrapped up in Chicago where thousands of kinky folks gathered to build community and choose a new Mr. International Leather.

Today, puppeteer and internal family systems practitioner Mark Saltzman joins us to chat about IML and to continue our look at “Velvet Rage,” Alan Downs’ seminal book for overcoming the pain of growing up gay in a straight man’s world.

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FOF #2540 – Rainbow Magic at the Belmont Rocks

Although we like to think of our LGBT spots as permanent places that will always be there, the reality is that they come and go.

Today writer and historian Owen Keehnan joins us to talk about the Belmont Rocks, a very public space where LGBT folks hung out in the sun to find community and a little bit of love in the early days of the queer rights movement.

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FOF #2335 – Making the Most of Your IML Sex Holiday

On every Memorial Day weekend, thousands of horny folks descend upon the Windy City for IML, the world’s largest bondage and fetish conference and contest.

Today we give you the tips and tricks on making the most of your sexy weekend at IML or any holiday where you plan to squeeze all the juice from the fruit.

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FOF #2172 – Give Them Something to Look At

At this year’s International Mr.Leather competition, Jefferson Tugger marched onstage wearing a fierce cape and stiletto heeled boots to proclaim that no matter who you are, it’s fabulous to be yourself.

Today, the gender non-conforming Mr. Phoenix Leather Jefferson Tugger joins us to talk about how the world has reacted to his viral video.

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FOF #2103 – My Year as Mister Leather

It’s been a whirlwind year for leatherman Miguel Torres, the adorable Venezuelan hunk who got to represent the Windy City as Mr. Chicago Leather 2014. His reign is now coming to an end and is now ready to sashay away with his sash.

Today Señor Cuero Miguel Torres joins us to take a look at his year in leather and WOOF! he’s fallen in love, and takes us for a walk on his new relationship as a pup handler.

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FOF #1991 – Outrageous Game Show Moments

From Chicago, Illinois, it’s podcasting’s most fabulous hour of madness and mayhem– the hilarious sixty minute Feast of Fun. Today’s guest will not be playing for fabulous prizes, but joins us to take a look at the most shocking moments in game show history!

Players who hacked the game, horny game show hosts, scandal and murder!

Tommy Holl come on on down! Listen as we take a look at this and all the fabulous news.

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FOF #1982 – Butch Up that Walk

Every Memorial Day weekend thousands of leather folks from around the world gather in Chicago for the International Mr. Leather contest and conference.

The contest traces its roots back to the Mr. Gold Coast Chicago leatherman contest that was organized a year after the Stonewall riots.

Today we’re joined by Mr. Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel Torres and his friend Chicago gay nightlife photographer extraordinaire Anthony Meade whose alter ego is the she-larious Sister Bitch, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.

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FOF #1799 – Boy Scouts & Leathermen

The Boy Scouts earned a badge of mediocrity over their announcement to end to their ban on gay troops, while keeping a ban on gay leaders. Meanwhile here in Chicago, the International Mr. Leather Pageant attracted lots of kinky folks sporting sashes reminiscent of the Boy Scouts.

Joining us today is former Boy Scout Chris Doucette who grew up to earn a merit badge in hilariousnes.

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FOF #1589 – Hell Bent for Leather

When it’s raining men, you get some strange puddles, like guys trying to convince you on hook-up apps and websites to participate in their wild or insane sexual fetish.

The very funny Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at some true stories of wild sex requests and the fine art of obscene humor. How do you tell if your roommate is gay?

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FOF #1428 – Mister Leather Europe’s American Vacation

Although leather as a sexual fetish came from gay men’s appreciation for the masculine independence of the 1950s American biker culture and films, Europeans took it to new heights with the super sexual imagery of the artist Tom of Finland.

Today we’re chatting with the very cute Martin Cedergren, Mister Leather Europe 2007 who Marc just happened to run into at Hollywood Beach, our local Gay Beach.

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