FOF #2103 – My Year as Mister Leather

Jan 22, 2015 · 1985 views

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It’s been a whirlwind year for leatherman Miguel Torres, the adorable Venezuelan hunk who got to represent the Windy City as Mr. Chicago Leather 2014. His reign is now coming to an end and is now ready to sashay away with his sash.

Today Señor Cuero Miguel Torres joins us to take a look at his year in leather and WOOF! he’s fallen in love, and takes us for a walk on his new relationship as a pup handler.


  1. Bryce says:

    This was a very interesting episode and admittedly I learned a lot. Marc, I was so glad that you asked the guest what the psychology behind having a master/pup relationship and I appreciate Miguel Torres being open and candid in his answer. This episode is a true testament to the fact that there is a plethora of things to experience within the realm of gay relations. I have to admit that as a black male, there are certain things that still baffle me and certain things that, for me personally, I could never see myself engaging in.

    I have never been a fan of terms like pig and pup and all of the many animal names you can find within the gay community. I understand that labels are sometimes necessary and I know I have been certainly guilty of invoking these names in my own life. However, I do find it interesting, and again I would love to know the psychology behind it, that for so long gay men were treated like animals by those who sought to oppress, condemn and eradicate us. yet we sort of embrace the very primal, animalistic behavior these men and women allude to. I mean how many times have religious and political figures referred to gay men as animals or equated gay intimacy to animal sex? Then again, maybe the embracing of names is a sort of appropriation on the part of gay men, much like black people using the N-word and certain women referring to themselves as ‘bitch’.

    Another thing I am not quite comfortable with, and maybe as I get older I will gain more understanding of it, is the idea of having a master/pup relationship. Having grown up in an intergenerational household, I was always told stories about my grandmother’s parents and grandparents and how awful they were treated because of the color of their skin and station in life. The institution of slavery was a very real thing and 2014 is proof that there are still remnants of the ideology and sentiment from that time still lurking in the darkest crannies of America. With that said, the idea of having someone express a certain degree of control over me in and outside of a relationship would seem like a slap in the face to people like my grandmother and her parents and grandparents. Listen, I know there is are major differences between master/pup relationships and slavery but the idea of having someone in control of me, even in a sexual relationship, makes me really uncomfortable. Again, I appreciate Miguel going into detail of his own relationship. What’s the saying? Different strokes, different folks?

    Fausto and Marc I enjoy your commentary. You guys are at the tip-top top of your game and I certainly would not have to worry about the world turning against you if the two of you were to ever enter the Big Brother house. Continue to be an influence to the young and the old, the straight and the gay and the many united colors of the rainbow. Your voice is relevant and will continue to be so in many years to come.

    • It says more on the person who is trying to reduce another human being to an animal, than the insult itself. Animals are awesome. So being compared to a dog, cat, bull, bear, pig is fine with me.

      Since when was “you’re my teddy bear” seen as a slur word? Is a “cutie pie” reducing someone to a pastry?

      I grew up in Puerto Rico. I can handle stress and obnoxious celebrities. I think I would have a lot of fun being on a show like that. If I haven’t been burned at the stake for doing this podcast for the past 10 years, I doubt being on any reality TV show would hurt my career or make millions of people think I’m a miserable jerk. #perez

      You’re so sweet to say all those nice things Bryce!

    • I had in college a friend from Ethiopia who grew up in Mexico. She was black, but had very unusual beautiful features which made her very popular.

      She says they used to call her “my little bear of chocolate” in Mexico, which she thought was sweet. I guess slur words and insults truly hurt when the intention is to cause pain. But when its desired, everyone wants to be a sex kitten, strong bull, etc.

  2. colaboy29 says:

    A great episode to make up for the stinker of a previous one. I really want to get to IML soon. Once I’ve finished school I’ll have the chance. I hope you have Miguel back int he future. He’s a great interview and very sexy leather man!

  3. Mmmm…. sexy latin bear.

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