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FOF #2538 – Do Drag Queens Dream of Electronic Meet and Greets?

In Blade Runner 2049, a Los Angeles Police officer unearths a long-buried secret that could plunge society into chaos so he sets off in search of answers from the original Blade Runner who has been missing for 30 years.

Today cyber-sexy Drag queen Fox E Kim joins us to take a look at the New Blade Runner 2049 film. Will everyone in the future be able to program themselves the perfect lover?

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FOF #2103 – My Year as Mister Leather

It’s been a whirlwind year for leatherman Miguel Torres, the adorable Venezuelan hunk who got to represent the Windy City as Mr. Chicago Leather 2014. His reign is now coming to an end and is now ready to sashay away with his sash.

Today Señor Cuero Miguel Torres joins us to take a look at his year in leather and WOOF! he’s fallen in love, and takes us for a walk on his new relationship as a pup handler.

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FOF #2044 – Adventures in Babysitting

Two years ago filmmaker Mark Blane was accused of “gay-napping” two boys he babysat at a grocery store in Chicago. His experience as a male caretaker inspired him to develop CUBBY, a new film where a gay nanny develops a relationship with a older gay sex worker.

Today Mark Blane joins us to talk about his adventures in babysitting that led him seek crowd-funding to make his quirky film.

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FOF #1966 – Calpernia Tells it Like it Is

Right now there’s a lot of heated discussion happening over trans language and respect, most of it focusing on pop culture and media– with Calpernia Addams caught in the middle of it, as a Hollywood consultant and as a trans woman.

Listen as we talk with Calpernia Addams about why she’s been misquoted and maligned lately as just a “drag queen” and a sell-out.

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FOF #1945 – Peaches Christ Buyers Club

With the Academy Awards just days away, everyone’s placing bets on who will win. Unless you’re a movie critic, or homeless person escaping the polar vortex by hiding in a movie theater, you’ve probably not seen every film nominated for an Oscar.

Lucky for you we’ve got Peaches Christ to pick a winner.

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FOF #1818 – Eating Out for Equality

The wait is over! Today the Supreme Court announces their big decision on Marriage Equality. An impatient nation is screaming – get to the gay stuff already!

Regardless of the outcome- this weekend’s Pride Parades will be one of the most emotionally intense we’ll see in years. Joining us today is the divalicious Amy Armstrong to take a look at the long road towards equality

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