FOF #2538 – Do Drag Queens Dream of Electronic Meet and Greets?

Oct 10, 2017 · 3965 views

We’re not sure if she’s a replicant, but Fox E. Kim is certainly one of a kind. Photo of Fox E Kim: Mike Rubino, Scarlet Bar.

In the new Blade Runner 2049 movie, Ryan Gosling plays a Los Angeles Police officer who unearths a long-buried secret that could plunge society into chaos so he sets off in search of answers from the original Blade Runner played by Harrison Ford, who has been missing for 30 years.

Meanwhile corporate overlord Niander Wallace, a very Suicide Squad Jared Leto, is also searching for Deckard in hopes that he can provide a clue as to how he can create a workforce of android slaves.

Today cyber-sexy Drag queen Fox E Kim joins us to take a look at the New Blade Runner 2049 film. Will everyone in the future be able to program themselves the perfect lover?

And why there are so many voluptuous, opened mouth statues in movies based on Philip K Dick novels?


A new statistical study predicts humans will go extinct in the next 5,000 or 7.8 million years, more or less.

Why all your social media fights are rigged against you.

Are you a replicant? Take the Voight Kampff test and find out.

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