FOF #2976 – Marga Gomez and Queen Latifah Love Science

Aug 9, 2021 · 1985 views

Under the Sea: Marga Gomez and Queen Latifah once shared the screen in the sci fi adventure film Sphere. Photos: Marga Gomez by Brenna Merritt, Queen Latifah as Ursula from “The Little Mermaid Live!” courtesy of ABC/Disney.

Comedian Robin Williams was so impressed with Marga Gomez that he called her the lesbian Lenny Bruce. It wasn’t long after that Hollywood cast her alongside Queen Latifah as a pair of scientists who dive deep – into the ocean to discover a buried alien spaceship in the film Sphere.

The movie was released a year after comedian Ellen DeGeneres came out as gay and at the time it seemed Hollywood was ready to cast strong women in comfortable shoes into action film roles.

Today comedian, performance artist, lesbian icon and sci fi action movie star Marga Gomez joins us to look at her Sphere co-star Queen Latifah finally coming out 23 years after.

Listen as we take a look at how on stage performance and online media are morphing together into an unrecognizable blob, and how Marga Gomez is turning to her online streaming events to reconnect with the world and fight the Covid blues.

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