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FOF #2986 – Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

The new movie musical “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” tells the true story of Jamie Campbell, a 16-year-old teenager who overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness and into the spotlight as a fabulous drag queen.

Today Max Harwood and Lauren Patel, stars of the movie musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie join us to look at the making of their first film, Max and his co-star Richard E. Grant first time in drag and meeting the real life Jamie Campbell.

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FOF #2976 – Marga Gomez and Queen Latifah Love Science

Comedian Robin Williams was so impressed with Marga Gomez that he called her the lesbian Lenny Bruce. It wasn’t long after that Hollywood cast her alongside Queen Latifah as a pair of scientists who dive deep – into the ocean to discover a buried alien spaceship in the film Sphere.

Today comedian, performance artist, lesbian icon and sci fi action movie star Marga Gomez joins us to look at her Sphere co-star Queen Latifah finally coming out 23 years after.

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FOF #2449 – Jeffrey Jay is Cooking up Trouble

The documentary TV series, My Trans American Road Trip, our friend, comedian Jeffrey Jay’s dad Mark got a lot of attention for being loveable and for his unusual explanation on why everyone must embrace transgender people.

Today Jeffrey Jay talks about his amazing dad and his obsession with Cooking shows on YouTube.

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FOF #2012 – Talk to the Hand

There’s much talk online about the impact gay men have on black women- one blogger claims drag queens are ruining black women’s natural beauty, and then another blogger says white gay men are being disrespectful when they imitate the black women they love.

Joining us today is writer Zach Stafford, who writes about LGBT issues, race and other urgent topics for the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye magazine.

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FOF #1942 – The Worst Talk Show Hosts of All Time

Talk show hosts are dropping like flies! From Katie Couric to Piers Morgan, Alec Baldwin and Bethenny Frankel, it seems like all talk show hosts are losing their jobs.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the worst talk show hosts ever who despite their fame, wealth and access to stellar guests couldn’t manage to create a show anyone wanted to watch.

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FOF #1810 – Poppy Champlin’s Wild Kingdom

One of the top comics of the lesbian comedy circuit is Poppy Champlin, who is well known not only for insight into lesbian mating practices but she’s also a genius mimic who can do amazing bird calls and animal sounds. She’s even got a monologue filled with over 100 fish related puns.

Today we’re popping the cork off Poppy Champlin as she chats with us from her remote home in the woods of Rhode Island.

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FOF #1746 – You Think Everyone is Gay

As hard as it is to imagine, at one point in time people thought that certain celebrities who are now seen as very gay were straight.

Well, almost everyone. Gay people have always been good at spotting their own in the limelight because we need to find each other in the wild. Today Brian Sweeney is coming out– of his house and over to our studio to blow– the lid off the strange history of celebrities coming out gay.

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FOF #1556 – The Truth is Just a Little Something You Sometimes Have to Lie About

Comedian Kristen Studard, who just won Chicago’s Biggest Liar contest, joins us to talk about why honest people are regularly accused of lying.

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FOF #1546 – All the World’s Fruitcakes Come From Texas

Today we’re joined by by Texas native Jeff Yeomans, who we found on a social dating app here in Austin. We love how Jeff talks, and think you’ll like it too.

Enjoy Jeff’s adorable Texas twang, as we chat about steers ’n queers, the fruitcake capitol of the world and other weird facts about Texas, y’all.

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FOF #1495 – Pimp Daddy Christmas

Once upon a time there were two gay men who happily lived in a little apartment on the north side of a big city. One Christmas they hot glued a ton of red garland onto an oversized coat and a magical costume was born, Pimp Daddy Christmas.

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