FOF #2012 – Talk to the Hand

Jul 11, 2014 · 1985 views

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There’s much talk online about the impact gay men have on black women- one blogger claims drag queens are ruining black women’s natural beauty, and then another blogger says white gay men are being disrespectful when they imitate the black women they love.

Joining us today is writer Zach Stafford, who writes about LGBT issues, race and other urgent topics for the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye magazine.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Here’s a great reply to the Sierra Manning article from another black woman.

  2. great show!

    my initial response to the gay man/black woman thing was what a bunch of nonsense. White people have been stealing black culture from day one. e.g. music: blues, elvis, madonna (vogue), etc.). fashion: how is the white guy in a huge t-shirt and baggy jeans under his ass different from a gay guy saying “hey gurlll”? do you think every white guy who wears his jeans below his ass knows where that originated? that raises another question…why is the black man who wears his jeans that way a thug and the white guy who wears his jeans that way an idiot?

    regarding Laverne Cox on Orange. i don’t think you should read anything into her character not appearing as much. Piper didn’t appear in one episode and she’s the main character. All the other characters are supporting. the story line this season focused on Taystee, V and Poussey, making Sophia even more supporting than last year’s story line. can’t wait for the next season!

  3. TheOneDoc says:

    The whole Alix Catherine Tichelman thing annoys me.
    It would be ultra tragic if she actually had a hand in Dean’s death…

  4. Great show! Zach Stafford is a wonderful guest. Really enjoyed listening to your discussion of the Sierra Manning controversy. Hope you will have Zack back on the podcast soon!

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