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FOF #2444 – Bootycandy

From hoo-ha to dingaling, there’s no shortage of words parents use to describe private parts to their kids. For writer director Robert O’Hara, it was “Bootycandy,” and that’s what he titled his play about a young boy who has to learn what it means to grow up gay and black.

Today, Robert O’Hara joins us top chat about his play, “Bootycandy,” the impact of Obama’s presidency, and how it’s Tyler Perry’s world and we are just living in it.

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FOF #2012 – Talk to the Hand

There’s much talk online about the impact gay men have on black women- one blogger claims drag queens are ruining black women’s natural beauty, and then another blogger says white gay men are being disrespectful when they imitate the black women they love.

Joining us today is writer Zach Stafford, who writes about LGBT issues, race and other urgent topics for the Chicago Tribune’s Redeye magazine.

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FOF #1573 – How to Find Sex on the Internet

People use the Internet to find romantic relationships but others just want sex. But let’s face it, this stuff is new for everyone, and some people have no clue how to troll for tail.

Today comedian Brian Sweeney joins us to take a look at the Beginner’s Guide to Anonymous Sex, tips, advice and crazy stories about looking for Mr. Right Now.

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Will.i.Am’s Anti-Condom Message to Women

We all say dumb things in passing, and I hope that the Black Eye Pea’s frontman has enough sense to correct his recent statement about women and condoms to Elle Magazine. Spotted out by Gossiponthis, […]

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