FOF #2977 – Jake Noll on LGBTQ Muppets & Superheroes

Aug 11, 2021 · 1985 views

It’s time to play the music: comedian Jake Noll on a non-binary Muppet Show. Illustration: Fausto Fernós.

With more and more young people identify as non binary and LGBTQ+, Hollywood is trying to tap into that youth market by going queer all of a sudden.

The Muppets long relied on switching wigs and elements of drag, but now they are diving into the deep end of the pool with Gonzo comes out as non binary while wearing a dress, and Miss Piggy being a judge on Drag Race. Even Kermit is cross dressing as Miss Piggy looking fierce as a pig in a wig!

Surprisingly, non-binary comedian Jake Noll, who thought they knew it all, is getting schooled by teenagers on social media on how gender identity is changing, and that not all non binary folks like they/them pronouns.

Today the brilliant and hilarious Jake Noll joins us to look at the neverending story of gender and sexual identity as it comes to the Muppets, comic book characters, Tik Tok and celebrities.


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