FOF #2978 – Miss Understood on Drag, Daytime TV and Divas

Aug 17, 2021 · 1985 views

Miss Understood in our home studio and at the filming of the HBO documentary “Wig.” Photos: Screaming Queens Entertainment and Fausto Fernós.

As we celebrate 16 years and 3,000 episodes of Feast of Fun, we’ve asked one of our all time favorite drag queen guests, Miss Understood, to join us to look back at the early years of drag on TV and film.

In the 90s, Miss Understood was a regular on the daytime TV talk show circuit. When Sally Jesse Rafael or Geraldo Rivera wanted to showcase eccentric kooks from the New York City nightlife scene, Miss Understood was there in her psychedelic pink and green looks to wow the audience.

Miss Understood was cast as one of the contestants in the pageant scene in the first major Hollywood film to focus on drag queens “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Love Julie Newmar.”

This bright colored wigged gal has been in a lot: Miss Understood was featured in the documentary Wigstock and the premier episode of Sex and the City. She was also the first drag queen we had on this podcast to talk about drag queen make up long before all the makeup tutorials made it onto the internet.

Today Miss Understood joins us to look back on her life as a drag queen and manager of Screaming Queens Entertainment and her new fashion line MagicTeez.

Episode #2978

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