FOF #1945 – Peaches Christ Buyers Club

Feb 28, 2014 · 147631 views

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With the Academy Awards just days away, everyone’s placing bets on who will win. Unless you’re a movie critic, or homeless person escaping the polar vortex by hiding in a movie theater, you’ve probably not seen every film nominated for an Oscar.

Lucky for you we’ve got Peaches Christ to pick a winner.


  1. Love me some Peaches! It’s always a sweet treat when this delightful queen stops by.
    I love all the movie predictions and critiques however I think I am the only queen who got bored with Dallas Buyer’s Club.
    I understand all the good he did and the point of the movie but he was such a racist and jerk I could not watch this train wreck of a person keep living after all the horrible stuff he did to his body. He really did not like anyone and even hated himself. i don’t enjoy watching complete messes. It made me sad. But the ending was great, so glad I fast forwarded to it and didn’t just turn it off.
    Thanks for another great show!

  2. I really loved this podcast this time. Amazing to sit back and relax with and really helped wrap up my night.

    I love Peaches Christ and I will totally use her predictions for the oscars, maybe I will win money (probably not), But I can only hope.

    I love all three of you beautiful ladies


  3. Curtis says:

    Great show as always. One amazing film that your whole audience should see and that is playing in some theaters right now is “Stranger By the Lake” an erotic thriller set at a Gay beach and cruising area in rural France. It’s really amazing and I have never seen a Gay themed film that handles mystery and thriller territory so artfully and that left me thinking about it for weeks.

  4. Than says:

    I saw a couple of movies this weekend that I thought came out last year but actually came out years ago. I’m sure nobody saw them, but they were really quite good. The Wall (Die Wand) is on Netflix, so free to watch for all you subscribers, is a German film with English narration (thank whatever fucking deity), and is very sad but very beautiful. The cinematography was breathtaking and highly stylized. I also saw Mr. Nobody, another Jared Leto film, which is the best existential film I’ve seen since The Royal Tenenbaums (I’m excluding Cloud Atlas, because it’s not strictly existentialist and is the best film ever). It’s very disjointed but purposefully so. The visual effects were crazy good even though it was an indie film.

    I coincidentally saw Flawless this weekend, although, I knew it didn’t come out last year. It’s fun to watch if you like heist movies or mysteries. It was really well produced, Michael Caine and Demi Moore. It’s a period piece and had just the right style for it.

    Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity were great. I never saw any of the others and don’t care to.

    Peaches was great as always. She is the best storyteller. I tune out of most of your drag episodes, but you can have Peaches Christ on anytime.

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