FOF #2044 – Adventures in Babysitting

Sep 10, 2014 · 1985 views

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Two years ago filmmaker Mark Blane was accused of “gay-napping” two boys he babysat at a grocery store in Chicago. His experience as a male caretaker inspired him to develop CUBBY, a new film where a gay nanny develops a relationship with a older gay sex worker.

Today Mark Blane joins us to talk about his adventures in babysitting that led him seek crowd-funding to make his quirky film.


  1. Jonas says:

    Just FYI: The person most likely to hurt their child is not parents in general, it’s the biological mother. Take that, feminists! But women are opressed by the patriarchy, riiight …

  2. colaboy29 says:

    A gay, indie film with a leather Dom? Sounds hot! I’ll definitely be sending a few dollars MArk’s way.

    One other thing: Fausto, it is pronounced “say-doh-masochism”, not “sad-o-masochicm”. Pronounced the same way as the word sadist (say-dist).

  3. Mark Blane says:

    Hey all!
    Incredible to see 30,000+ views on this podcast! I’ve been receiving such positive messages via Facebook from FOF listeners! I feel so loved and supported.

    Be sure to check out our KICKSTARTER, we have 7 days left, and we are at $21,000. If each listener donates just $1 that’s $30,000! PLEASE CONSIDER backing us! We need YOU!

    Or $10 from of you is even crazier!?!? That’d be like $300,000! We just want to reach our goal of $90,000 so we don’t lose the other 20grand we raised. It’s All or Nothing!

    Thanks all!
    Thanks for believing in me and this underdog story of a gay babysitter I truly believe will be a sexy and humorous take on life in NYC.


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