FOF #2732 – Daddy Issues, Muppets and Microbiology

Apr 30, 2019 · 2052 views

Comedian Andrew Pifko has led a charmed career working with Muppets and Sarah Jessica Parker and now stars in the new film “Daddy Issues.” Photos courtesy of Andrew Pifko.

Daddies are so hot right now but what if you discover your lover’s secret sugar daddy is also your own biological father?

Does that make it even hotter or did things just get too weird?

Today the golden voiced Andrew Pifko joins us to talk about his new film Daddy Issues where he’s caught in a love triangle with his own daughter’s girlfriend.

After studying microbiology, comedian and actor Andrew Pifko pursued a career in acting and went on to star in a car commercial with the Muppets and played the maitre d’ in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Superbowl beer commercial.

Listen as Andrew chats with us about squeezing into a van with the Muppets, working on Mel Brooks’ new movie “The Olympians” and starring in “More Guns; The NRA Musical” now at Second City Hollywood.

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