FOF #1982 – Butch Up that Walk

May 7, 2014 · 1985 views

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Every Memorial Day weekend thousands of leather folks from around the world gather in Chicago for the International Mr. Leather contest and conference.

The contest traces its roots back to the Mr. Gold Coast Chicago leatherman contest that was organized a year after the Stonewall riots.

Today we’re joined by Mr. Chicago Leather 2014 Miguel Torres and his friend Chicago gay nightlife photographer extraordinaire Anthony Meade whose alter ego is the she-larious Sister Bitch, a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Thanks for another great show, guys. Miguel was so well spoken and explained well what the leather community can be, not just kink and bondage stuff. I hope you have him on again after the contest, whether he wins or not.

    • Miguel Torres says:

      Thank you! That was very nice of you. I certainly had a blast doing this podcast! I’m glad that I was able to describe what the leather community means to me

  2. you see this is why I am always hesitant to be the first commenter on a show cos I know you guys will read it on the next show and I then become horribly embarrassed, especially if my comment had typos in it which they usually do half of the time. I think there were others who expressed their feeling on the issue much better than I did however, like Bryce, I dunno if you guys responded to him, because I removed myself from that conversation/comments section after I said my bit, I see that show got quite a lot of comments. yet as I had, I’m over and done with this issue so I didn’t go back to read all of them.

    I might have to get one of those new shirts with the owl on it, since I love owls so much, although those men’s/unisex sized t-shirts don’t really ft well on my tiny petite body…of course I wouldn’t expect you guys to have ladies sizes, since your female audience is pretty small. I think there is only a few of us lol. Maybe I’ll just contribute to the $2,000 donation pool in celebrating on the 2000th podcast. To think I was a senior in high school when I first started listening to this, that was like…8 years ago, wow I’m old.

  3. When someone said the line about “Pigs inc.”, I laughed so hard that I sprayed my coffee everywhere.

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