FOF #2172 – Give Them Something to Look At

Jun 3, 2015 · 1985 views

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At this year’s International Mr.Leather competition, Jefferson Tugger marched onstage wearing a fierce cape and stiletto heeled boots to proclaim that no matter who you are, it’s fabulous to be yourself.

Today, the gender non-conforming Mr. Phoenix Leather Jefferson Tugger joins us to talk about how the world has reacted to his viral video.


  1. Jefferson is a cutie! I think many buy into the leather culture because of a sexual fantasy of the hyper-masculine but fail to realize it’s just drag. We live on a spectrum in between genders, and nothing is sexier than a guy living his authentic self, especially if it’s a bit sissy!

  2. colaboy29 says:

    Woof! Jefferson is a hottie! I’m not attracted to the high-heel leather look but agree that people act & dress how they feel.

    • Alan says:

      Really? I gotta admit I wasn’t feeling the outfit with the white top, but the one with the cape & leather shirt was absolutely adorable; I wanna cuddle the hell out of him. Among other things…Woof! #SexyBeast

      Also; is it just me, or was Jim Bailey a cute boy too? Rest in peace you crazy diamond.

      I didn’t think the drunk podcast was THAT bad, I certainly do prefer the sober ones though.

      This is completely unrelated, and I know Brian hates drag queens; but, is there any way we can see a Brian Sweeney cameo in Cooking With Drag Queens Season 2?

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