FOF #1991 – Outrageous Game Show Moments

May 22, 2014 · 1985 views

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From Chicago, Illinois, it’s podcasting’s most fabulous hour of madness and mayhem– the hilarious sixty minute Feast of Fun. Today’s guest will not be playing for fabulous prizes, but joins us to take a look at the most shocking moments in game show history!

Players who hacked the game, horny game show hosts, scandal and murder!

Tommy Holl come on on down! Listen as we take a look at this and all the fabulous news.


  1. Googol! Did I win the tickets? I’ve never been to iml before and am looking forward to going this year! I love the show, it always gets me in a good mood!

  2. RIP Ron Roddy from The Price is RIght! He died in 2003.

  3. Here’s the full video of Meredith Viera losing her marbles for her sexy guest on “Millionaire.”

  4. Bryce says:

    I think you guys need to make a T-shirt that reads: Everything’s better with a little Tommy Holl. I love this guy. He is so endearing and I think he feeds off of Fausto’s frantic energy and Marc’s humor very well. I would love to see Tommy and Brian Sweeney on together on one of your shows.

    I love game-shows and you are right. We love seeing good people win and bad people lose. I remember there was this Jeopardy contestant a couple of months ago who was irritating because he would not choose the clues in order of money value. He would jump all over the board … on purpose. I was so glad when he lost, though I think he lost on purpose.

    Another great show. Love you Uncles Marc and Fausto and Cousin Tommy. XOXO.

  5. Your don’t do drugs? If you smoke or drink you do drugs, they’re just legal drugs. 😉

  6. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys sorry I haven’t got to say hay for a while. I only have net on my phone so I only can download the shows every so often when around wifi. Yeah I know, lame : /

    First off Fausto I gotta give you some geek cred for the Treky “Prime Directive” refrence. Keep it logical! ‘ )

    I liked the story about the guy who hacked the system and got a way with it… A lot of people think of hacking having to do with 1 computers, and 2 that it’s always illegal and bad. In reality hacking is just using the system in ways that other people do not think about. Technically that guy did absolutely nothing wrong, rather he just found a flaw in the game show that they should have foresaw and fixed before putting on the air.
    My hacking skill is I’m an artist that can produse professional grade work with free open source software, and I like to do it faster and simpler then the pros. As well I like to build or re design things to work better then how they where meant too. Recently I fixed my phone for $1.50 (the cost of a part on ebay), where the company said it would have been $150 to fix it.
    I was told I should get a new phone… This is part of the companies plan. By making things that will brake, and are made almost impossible to fix, leading you to buy a new phone with a two year contract. Well hommy don’t play that and I don’t want to be a contract slave and drop a few hundred I don’t have and it feels good to stick it to the man ‘ )
    This is why the system does not like under privileged masses to have education and people are molded to believe we need someone ells to do it for us.

    Unfortunately there is always someone who will want to take more then they need and hackers who are also haters and jurks and mess with people and they get the lime light : /
    It was kind of sad hearing the end of the story with what happend to that guy, but not surprising. Often many of the hackers I know are smart but don’t have much common sense : \
    My self for example buil my own DSLR camera with parts of other older cameras yet work two min wage jobs. I want to go back to school but it’s hard to do that when you have to pay for school, go to class, pay for books, have time to do the work and pay the rent while going to two jobs ‘ : /
    It dosen’t make much sense to me how others do it, but then this is the situation many are in when they try to get out of the box and brake free of the system that dosn’t support you. Then I want to do everything on the level as I can. I don’t want to break the law but this comes to ethics of the person.

    Oh my goddess that clip of the host of Who Want’s to be a Millionaire where the host is losing her shit was so funny. XD

    The serial killer rapist on the dating game. Just wow he was creepy.

    Anyway I loved the show, kisses : )

    PS the pic I sent is me operating on my phone ‘ ) in the background you can see my computer on showing the page showing how to dismantle it and if thats not dorky enough I’m watching Anime on the tv lol. # tots nerd lol

    • I’m always in awe of trans women who are supertechs and can do a million complicated things. What’s up with that?! Parker Marie is a guitar player, and Calpernia is a accomplished violinist. Maybe instead of all this heated conflict, they could start a band and make incredible music together.

  7. Reclaim the word nerd!

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