Sal-E Races Against the Sun

May 23, 2008 · 1985 views

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There is something mesmerizing about seeing Sal-E in full face driving around Chicago at 5 a.m. in the morning, getting stares from people as he lip syncs to the latest hot song from Madonna. This […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    Only one word comes to mind….

    F I E R C E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely fabulous! (That, too!)

  2. Matty says:

    OMG that was hot, FIERCE!, glamourous, amazing, fabulous, stupendous and all kind of chic. Loved it. By the way Sal you look stunning.

  3. trannylover says:

    If I saw Sal-E staring at me from his car at 5 a.m. after a long night of partying, I would scream too. IN DELIGHT! Love ya….

  4. Looks marvelous! Hmmm let me see though……. wears make up…… lip synchs to Madonna…… out all night …. but is NOT a drag queen. Keep them coming Sal-E!

  5. ColJH says:

    Beautifully done. Sal-E is hot stuff!

    I’m loving all the videos you guys are posting.

  6. defekto says:

    Sal-E you look amazing for that time of day…and there’s so much light. Ser-E-iously, fab.

  7. Jon-paul says:

    Sal-E…. You’re My American Idol!

  8. SAL-E says:

    I can’t wait to be out in the Sun for Pride………..My secret is a Ton of Sun Block and people with big umbrellas! You think I’m Kidding?
    The Sun light burns! Something to do with being a CREATURE OF THE NIGHT or some Science with the Universe.
    NO, I want to be on America’s Next Top Model and I want to PAINT THEM SOMETIME…..But be painted the whole time so that the whole time that I am making my army of Club Creatures you can see the looks on their faces……and then when I am done we will look like a Group of Super Models Painted for the Back Row!
    And I mean PAINTED!
    Love ya

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