FOFA #539 – Human Dogs

May 23, 2008 · 1985 views

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You’ve heard some people say “all men are dogs.” Well these guys take it to the limit! On today’s show we’re talking to our die-hard power listener Pup Don, who happens to be into Pup-Play– […]


  1. Matty says:

    Pup play sounds fun; I think I would be a St. Bernard dog if I participated. But I think I’m more of a cat, by the way, is there such a think as kitten play? This show brought up some good ole’ memories of me and my sis when were little. She would always be a female, puppy lab, named Bitsy, and I would be a black, male, Persian cat named Sassy. I was older so I got to name both me and my sister when we “pretended, and to think my parents didn’t even know then. lol Maybe they were hints as to who we became today?…Who knows? lol 😉 I so wish I could make it up there for the event, because I’m so into the whole leather, biting, and bondage scene, wish I could have come to the IML event. I’ll have to try to make it next year. Great show guys.

  2. You can be anything you want to be Matty!

    I love the idea of you as a persian cat named Sassy. Meow. Just don’t cough up any hairballs.

  3. Wow i always thought i was the only one with this obsession, I’ve been barking and growling and really getting into “puppy mode” since i was 13. I always thought of it as me being goofy, but recently i started growling during sex and that really turned me on (not my partner so much)
    I think we all have a bit of animal in us, it’s our WILD SIDE! Go puppy play! I’m making a challenge out there I bet I’m the best dog impersonator out there, i’ll make a youtube video and with permission of marc and fausto post it on the site and challenge other people! (you don’t have to be into puppy play to post a video response)

  4. SAL-E says:

    I have been so Busy with IML……….and being in Slings and all that!
    But the Gang is in town. All my friends came out and it was like they were just here.
    Puppy D is real!
    Alan, Michael, the other Michael, George, Steve and everyone else in Leather!
    One more day at the market for me.
    I am sure I can find something else that I just have to have.

    This Monday we are doing The BOOM BOOM ROOM back to where it all started.
    See you all at the old RED DOG.
    Get on the list.
    This is a 21 and over event!

    Love ya

  5. Trannylover says:

    All I can say is keep that dog on his leash! Kidding. Woof woof. I want to be a fox. Can I be a fox?

  6. Matty says:

    We can all be whatever we want to be.

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