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Great show guys, alot of points I totally agreed with. For bisexuality, i’ve always believed that most people have a fluid sexuality, whether they act on... » More

On FOF #820 – The Mind Body Connection

Madness is right! I thought Tracy was gonna get up and slap somebody! OMg this was an exciting and a little scary show! I love that... » More

On FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

Yay Sal-E, I love it when your on the show, Now i’m gonna come in on Monday with a picture of you and I from Amanda’s... » More

On FOF #810 – Glenn Knows Better

Happy Birthday Sal-E, lol i saw whoopi goldberg’s brother too, my friend tried talking to him, but he was not having it. It’s strange how anti... » More

On FOF #809 – Happy Birthday Mr. E

I’ve put together a video of last thursday’s event, do you think TLC would be royally pissed if i post it to youtube? lemme know what... » More

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