FOF #778 – Voluptous Diva

Jun 12, 2008 · 1985 views

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Diva! Diva! Diva! Kennidi Monroe just put out her very first single and it has a catchy riff. What is it? Voluptuous Diva. It’s the word “diva” over and over and over again. The song […]


  1. Calvin F says:

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    DIVA! DIVA! DIVA! love love your song, Kennidi. It’s amazing!!!! It’s my new favourite song! Good work!

  2. kennidi says:

    Aww Calvin thank you! It was tons of fun doing the show! The boys are so lovely for having me on the show and helping me promote my album!!!

    Thanks to the boys and the fans of feast of fools for all their support!!!

    Much Love,

  3. Pete says:

    that’s a hot pic of you, kennidi, at pridefest. you’re looking very Nomi Malone….you’re such a quadruple threat; singer, dancer, actress, AND stylist.

    i’ll look for you guys at the midsommarfest!. i’ll just look for the line of guys waiting to get blown inside the porta-potties.

  4. Great show again, can’t wait for Kennidi’s Album to drop. As well thanks for mentioning your time in Milwaukee, as well me personally again in todays show.

  5. Cliff Dix says:

    Love the song and yeah I love chicken wings too. I also love Kennidi. I was wondering why she even recorded an album if she doesn’t really sing. I know that has never stopped anyone else from making an album. Just curious.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the song! Great job Kennidi. Can’t wait to hear the next track.

  7. We just got back from Kennidi’s debut at the end of Mary’s Attic Drag Show, and it was fierce. Everyone was dancing to: DIVA! DIVA! DIVA! DIVA….

  8. kennidi says:

    Thanks to everyone in their support! I cant wait till the rest of the album is done and everyone can hear it! As for the comment…about if I cant sing why make an album. Well, Rex Harrison from My Fair Lady and other stuff couldn’t sing, it was a form of singing he did that was like talking with more elaboration. Thats what my album is, its like Rupaul, Jeffree Star, and many others who have successes with music of this nature. Its about being an entertainer and performer!!!

    Last night was amazing dropping my single…at first people were like what? Then they heard the lyrics and loved it! It was so nice to see and do…Im just happy to be starting this journey into something so new to me that I know will end up with success! Thank you all for the love and support! And Marc and Fausto are two amazing people who keep letting people like me shine on a great program like FOF!!!

    Much Love,

  9. Well done Kennidi!!! I just can’t get your song out of my head.. Diva..LOL
    Kennidi 🙂 I hope this experience help you to get better that maybe some day you’ll win a music award.
    Great show Fausto and Marc!!!

  10. Mark says:

    Thanks for the mention, and it was great to see you the other night! We’d love to see you and all the fabulous FoF listeners at Big Jones this weekend. If any of you listeners stop in, I’ll be the owner looking tired and frazzled wearing glasses — please say Hi!
    – Mark

  11. Matty says:

    Love the song Kennidi! I was dancing to it while cleaning my room. Love love love it!! You are a DIVA!! Great show yall loved hearing Kennidi again she is hilarious and I agree with Momma Patricia she should be on more often! Love yall!

  12. DIVA is right honey! Love who you are and what you are! It took me years of therapy to get to that point, and I wish you all the success on your album and more!

    ox, R-

  13. kennidi says:

    The single cover is out! The Facelift version of the song is playing on my page just click pic or visit Looks like we will be having release parties at the end of July or in August sometime! Plus the song should be available for purchase by this weekend! Happy Pride everyone!


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