FOF #777 – Dinner, Then the Sex

Jun 11, 2008 · 1985 views

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The story of Lena’s life reads like pages of a pulp fiction novel with drama, intrigue, a music career and time spent in prison for being wrongly accused as a Russian spy by her husband […]


  1. Jos says:

    With love from Holland. Here is an other option to win usd 5000,=

  2. Great show as usual. St Petersburg is on my list of places to see before I die.

  3. I love the whole “Prison” (“jail”) back and forth that ya’ll had.

    I think the point is that if you are imprisoned, it means you were tried and convicted and sent to prison as a result of the sentencing. If you are Jailed… you are under suspicion but you haven’t been convicted of anything (or you are sleeping something off).

  4. Trannylover says:

    Thank you for your song Lena! It’s funny how little she reacted to the two girls one cup video, like she had seen worse. Keep on rocking me girlfriend!

  5. Rhea from Winnipeg says:

    Loved Lena, I love her infectious laugh and how you guys tried to get her to talk like Pavel Novotny.


  6. Ogmaloki says:

    I like your attempt at Rusina. The bI needed some work, but you did good. This show made me miss my Russian cousins

  7. Wesley says:

    What an awesome guest! Favorite… lucky #777

  8. ok, there is a very creepy breathing around min. 3 and it seems to actually whisper a word around 3:40

    it seems to be Lena’s voice but it speaks for itself!


  9. I don’t hear it… is there a ghost in the machine?

  10. la verdad esta allá afuera fausto…

    the truth is out there..

  11. Me and my Friend from Latvia(Vineta) really enjoyed this show.. her accent, voice,laugh and looks are so close to Lena that she totally identified with her.
    Thanks guys!!! for bringing so much positive energy not only to me, but my friends and so many people that enjoy the show.
    Love you!!

  12. Cliff Dix says:

    Loved the Lena interview. Great show. So great that Glen and I listened to it twice! I love that Lena has such a great sense of humor and can laugh off being jailed as a spy and is such a good sport she watched 2 girls and a cup for you guys.

  13. Robbie says:

    I loved her laugh!

    Also, when none of you guys seemed to understand what the other was saying – that was fun for me.

  14. Trannylover says:

    the song still holds up a week later for me. Goodbye! Goodbye!

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