Ben Lerman and Britney Houston – Let Me Smell Your Dick

Jun 12, 2008 · 1985 views

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Waiting backstage at Pridefest Milwaukee 2008 while the thunderstorms and tornado winds subsided, musician Ben Lerman and YouTube star Britney Houston jammed up this classic hit, off the cuff. Magic happens. –Thanks to Rick Ailello […]


  1. Tallguynb says:

    This was awesome! Reminds me of a good kitchen party, too bad none of my friends are this talented lol!
    Hope you post more pridefest videos!

  2. RcktMan says:

    GOD that was THE BEST moment of the entire weekend. I had just turned on the camera and was getting my feel for it when all of a sudden– magic. I don’t even think Ben knew I had the camera on when he grabbed the ukulele. And then Britney! She just joined right in and it was an out and out jam session. It was just so organic and wonderful. Up until then I think we all feared the weekend was going to be a bust, but that moment just turned it all around. I’m so glad I was there with all of you guys!!!

  3. That was absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Perfect way to start the day.

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    Great video from Rocketman! I knew Rick was a great photographer from his Flickr page but he does excellent video too. It was nice to see an everyday behind the scenes moment turn into an all out classic gay jam session.

  5. With a little help from me, thank you very much.

  6. RcktMan says:

    Well yeah… I didn’t do it ALL!!! LOL it’s Fausto’s camera after all!!

  7. OH MY GOD!!! that was so fun!!!! —- LOL LOL I wanted so bad to sing along with them as I sat there but I dind’t know the song LOL — oh well leave it to me to add comedy relief LOL


  8. I think Fausto wants to be appreciated for his wonderful editing skills and post production work. Nice work Fausto!

  9. RcktMan says:

    Hear hear. Credit where credit is due, of course!

  10. miloh says:

    aiya that was sweet to watch before going to bed on a saturday night.

    sweet dreams i want that ukelele player so bad no homo.

  11. Don says:

    I was so dreading starting my work on this lovely Sunday afternoon. Thanks so much for allowing me to procrastinate for just a few minutes more. This video is so brilliant. It makes me want to hear a whole album of Smell Your Dick covers while watching Alexyss Tyler shake her bootie on the dancefloor. Keep it coming rock stars.

  12. Cliff Dix says:

    Sorry Fausto. I didn’t realize. Great job to all involved. And Marc if you want to see Alexyss, come on down, Glen and I will put you up and take you to her.

  13. This video makes me so happy. Like a little ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! Way to make lemonade from a crappy weather day!

  14. Jeff says:

    That was absolutely delightful! I see a collaborative project between Ben and Ms. Houston in the future :o)

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