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FOF #1026 – The Farrah Fawcett of Bears

Comedian Ben Lerman loves to play the ukulele. Ben might have accidentally become a bear sex symbol after hawking his show during Bear Week in the resort town of Provincetown, Massachusets.

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FOF #969 – Does Ben Lerman Need Tough Love?

Look out people! Ben Lerman’s ukulele is on fire. The New York based comedian just got back from a stint in Mexico and he’s here today in the home studio to play four brand new […]

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FOFA #783 – Fanfare

Cheerleaders, a studly viking and a ukele playing guy from New York join us on today’s overstuffed burrito of podcasting fun. Sometimes when you overbook your guests, you get a whole new exciting taste combination […]

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FOF #901 – Holiday Fitness Tips and Tricks

We love Ben Lerman so much we had to have him back! He sobered up a bit since yesterday’s show and he’s ready to engage us about some fascinating news and social trends. Who names […]

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FOF #900 – No One Loves Christmas Like the Jews

Did you know that many of the great Christmas songs were written by Jewish people? Mel Torme wrote “The Christmas Song,” Adolphe Adam wrote “O Holy Night,” Johnny Marks “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and […]

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Ben Lerman – Four Minutes, Hey!

The ultimate ukelele rock star Ben Lerman teams up with Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion to do a delicious summer filled cover of Madonna / Justin Timberlake / Timbaland’s “Four Mintues.” Special thanks to Nathan […]

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Ben Lerman and Britney Houston – Let Me Smell Your Dick

Waiting backstage at Pridefest Milwaukee 2008 while the thunderstorms and tornado winds subsided, musician Ben Lerman and YouTube star Britney Houston jammed up this classic hit, off the cuff. Magic happens. –Thanks to Rick Ailello […]

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FOF #769 – Madonna, Ben and Us

Ben’s back in town to perform at Mary’s Attic this Friday and Saturday and we highly recommend the show. We chat with Ben about his FAME moment when he started posing for “artistic” photos and […]

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FOF #747 – Ukulele Dreamer

Ben is banging away on the ukulele on today’s show and I couldn’t be happier! Who doesn’t love the Hawaii’s contribution to the world of music when it’s accompanied by funny lyrics? On today’s show […]

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