FOF #900 – No One Loves Christmas Like the Jews

Dec 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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Did you know that many of the great Christmas songs were written by Jewish people? Mel Torme wrote “The Christmas Song,” Adolphe Adam wrote “O Holy Night,” Johnny Marks “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and […]


  1. Michael D says:

    :O Is it possible to have Asian Baby as a MiniBite?

  2. RcktMan says:

    I woke up way early and this show got me going this morning…. you three were hilarious as always. I especially loved the Match Game segment. If anyone could bring that classic show back, it’s you guys. LOL… Hysterical!!!

    Thanks for the morning coffee… without the caffeine! 🙂

  3. Mikey Dee says:

    I effin love ben lerman…and those pictures of him are sooooo adorable!!!! YUM-e
    This show was awsome…and I agree asain baby should be a minibyte!!!!

  4. Nidocamen says:

    What’s funny about Ben’s last song is………we actually have a town called Paradise Valley here in the Phoenix metro area. And it’s pretty gay…………LOL!!

  5. Happy 900th Fausto! You are the best!

  6. Jimmy says:

    Love Ben and love you guys grats on 900

  7. Nidocamen says:

    and yes……I totally spaced it! Congrats on 900 Feasts!!!! You should make like a live prime-time special for #1000…….and throw a big party too! I’ll come up to Chicago to celebrate!

  8. Happy 900th!

    I was looking up the etymology of sphincter and sarcasm, and I hate to be the one to spoil the fun, but it would appear that the two have no common origin at all. “sarkasmos” derives from the verb “sarkazein,” and it means a sneer or jest or other biting remark of some kind. On the other hand, “sphinkter” simply refers to any stretchable band of fabric or anything of a circular shape which clenches down tightly. The only connection I could imagine is that “sarx” (the root stem of sarcasm) means literally “a piece of meat,” and your sphincter is a little piece of meat in a sense (I guess lol). But this would be a very imaginative and unfounded connection.

    Moving on…Ben does great madonna covers. I think he could release a bunch of them as a tribute album or something hehe.

    XOXO love you guys

  9. reid says:

    900 feast of fools shows-way to go guys.when you hit 1000 shows we need to have a big party to celebrate:)

  10. I read the the sarcasm/sphincter connection in a book many years ago. I’ll try to find the source.

  11. kieran says:

    Your guest was funny but I thought the Asian Baby song very tasteless. That is not sarcasm to me. Comments about yellow and all that is grating. I live in an Asian country and my husband and most of my friends are Asian so it was not funny.

  12. Cliff Dix says:

    Pig Fu*ker! Pig Fu*ker! Pig Fu*ker! I Love Ben. He is so funny and does a great show. Go see him. I still have my postcard of Ben in all his glory with his strategical placed ukulele. Hot.
    I loved his Match Game bit. What made it even better was Fausto not getting any of the answers right. Too funny.

  13. RicoPablo says:

    Congratulations on 900 shows, guys! I wish you had a better guest on to celebrate it. Amanda Steinstein would have been wonderful on these topics– she’s funny and talented! Love ya– but, keeping it real- wanted to let you know when a guest bombs big-time.

  14. reid says:

    I heard that Fausto and Marc were naughty this year but i am sure Santa will send some nice gifts to them:)Happy holidays guys:)

  15. CharlesVer33 says:

    900 shows! Amazing. You guys never fail to entertain, impress and inspire me. Thank you for being there, your dedication and for making these type of shows available for everyone to listen for free. Thank you thank you thank you.

  16. CharlesVer33 says:

    I think Asian Baby is about how some white gay men seem to obsess about adopting children, not about Asian people in any way. I like Ben Lerman, and if it wasn’t for this show, I would have never heard of the guy and his funny, edgy, over the top music.

  17. John says:

    omg y’all had me howling laughing all over again at the episide with Lady Miss Kier… “LASH OUUUUUUUUUUT!” *rofl***

  18. Michael says:

    I’m just catching up boys! Great show, enjoy Ben on the show. I enjoyed Asian Baby because the new “trend” for gay boys seems to be the need to adopt and then hire a nanny to take care of the baby so they can still go partying – oh well.

    Pig Fucker was HILARIOUS and I loved the Match Game – you’re right Ben it was on TV for a reason 🙂 You did your best though.

    Looking forward to you entertaining me on Sunday – if I don’t laugh do I get my money back?

  19. Alex says:

    Happy 900th Marc and Fausto!
    Oh my god Match Game is my favorite game show of all time. I love how sloppy and drunk the panelists were. Fausto wouldn’t have gotten any points on the show if he was on it lol. Corn bread stuffing?! Every episode had a contestant like that though. The answer is obviously “make whoopie” and they’d say go to the store or take a nap or something.

  20. Just catching up – great show love Ben L! We had the Match Game in the UK but it was called Blankety Blank, it ran form 1979 to 1990 and was hosted by various celebrities including a fierce drag queen – Lily Savage.

  21. She hosted it in a revival from 1997 to 2002.

  22. KLB says:

    Happy Belated Congratulations on your 900th! I loved the podcast and I’m in lust with Ben. I’m asian and I was not at all offended by Asian Baby, I thought it was brilliant. Reminds me of a joke, don’t remember where I heard it, but it goes “I was walking in NYC and I saw a couple of asians with an asian baby, so I said to the baby, where are your parents?” Tasteless, I know but still kind of funny.

  23. Philip says:

    Listen to you guys daily and congratulations on #900! But I really want to tell you that because of you guys, my partner and I went to see Ben Lerman last night at Comix in NYC. We had such a good time and after we mentioned to Ben we had been introduced by Feast of Fools! Ben was very complimentary of you guys. Thanks guys for making my daily grind fun!

  24. *too busy humping Ben’s leg to think of a proper comment* Bring Ben back! He’s friggin’ hilarious!

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