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FOF #2586 – Fearlessly Be Yourself

RuPaul said one of the biggest challenges for casting a reality tv show is wading through the mountains of auditions where people “behave in a way that they think [the producers] want them to behave.”

But how does that work for a competition that’s built on folks dressing up in costumes and lip syncing to other people’s songs? Today comedian Carma Nibarger joins us to wade through the mountain of questions from past audition forms for RuPaul’s’ Drag Race on what it takes to make your star shine bright on TV.

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FOF #1890 – 30 Years of Berlin

For the past two decades, DJ Greg Haus has been working at Berlin Nightclub in Chicago as the Entertainment Department manager, bringing in some of the biggest names in gay underground entertainment, you know, pretty much all the judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today, Greg Haus joins us to talk about all the celebrities that have torn it up at the club and the notorious drag queens who bombed at the venue.

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VIDEO: If Only All the Male Athletes Had to Wear This Outfit… I Would Watch More Sports

Sure it’s an underwear commerciall… but we can ignore that till the end. HOT.

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FOF-Inspired QTalk Arizona Turns 100!

We brought our friends Marc and Fausto onto the “Joe and Babe Show” to talk about the past, present and future of podcasting.  

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FOFA #987 – Esteban Cruz and the Benefits of Being a Homo

Sexy, crazy and exhilarating–that’s Esteban Andres Cruz.

His one-man show “Stuffed” is a collection of hilarious songs and stories about growing up gay in a macho super jock Hispanic household in Cicero, that’s on the west side of Chicago, yo!

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EMIS Study – All You Need to Know About Gay Sex in Europe

Percentage of respondents who were Single and met their last non-steady partner online EMIS – The European MSM (men who have sex with men) Internet Survey conducted the largest study about MSM in Europe with […]

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A Third of Iranian Men Are Gay?!

According to a study, a third of Iranian men under 30 are having sex without women.  So overthrow those mullahs, boys, and let the tourism begin!!

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Lady Gaga Cover on Ukulele by Aiden James

the edge of glory (cover) by Aiden James Lady Gaga Cover “the edge of glory” on Ukulele by Aiden James FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!

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Gay Pakistani Leader Ifti Nasim, R.I.P.

Ifti Nasim, a good friend of mine, died late Friday night. For those not fortunate enough to have known him, here is a quick sketch of who he was. Ifti was perhaps the most prominent […]

Top Google Searches in Mississippi: ”Free, Gay Porn” And ”God”, in That Order.

The site Calamities of Nature corelated the google searches for “free, gay porn” and “god” by state from 2004 to the present.  They found that Mississippi ranked #1 for searching for both.  I guess those […]

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