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Don’t Give the World a Coke

This is not the definitive nail in the coffin, but a new study posits that HFCS has been linked to liver problems and fat cell growth around internal organs.



OMG LOVE HER!!! Can’t wait to hear the interview. I hope Fausto worked Carol Channing into the convo 🙂 » More

On FOF #1165 – Don’t Cry for Pandora Boxx

Whether or not people look at Craig and automatically think he’s not a stripper is besides the point. I don’t look at muscled guys on the... » More

On FOF #1157 – Craig Seymour Bares it All

WOW. There is so much bilge spilling out of my monitor right now that it’s really hard to describe any of it. Does she really think... » More

On Rev. Ted Haggard’s Wife

Despite the ridiculous asterisks used to obfuscate “bad” words, the most hilarious thing about the AFA’s statement is calling Armani Exchange a “fashion leader.” » More

On Same-Sex Couples in Armani Exchange Ads Anger Parent Group

Consider yourself favorited, Mariah! » More

On Acceptance Speech by a Very Drunk Mariah Carey