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I LOVED this episode. It was so light-hearted and full of laughs. I love that you kept it fun and even joked about Lance Bass’ new... » More

On FOF #652 – The Mama Mia Effect

Drew is such a cutie! » More

On SHOW #16 – Spring Rolls

Amanda is hilarious! I only wish I could have been there to see the FOF live. Although I did get a glimpse of Marc and Fausto... » More

On FOF #645 – Live from The Stud Bar in San Francisco!

Marc’s laughter in the background as Fausto was talking with those Korean tourists just made me burst out laughing. You guys are so goofy I LOVE... » More

On SHOW #15 – Halloween Montage

I find it horrible that the Halloween festivities were cancelled in the Castro. I think the government has too much power when they start interfering with... » More

On FOF #642 – Tricks and Treats