FOF #645 – Live from The Stud Bar in San Francisco!

Nov 7, 2007 · 1985 views

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The wait is over! Here it is, the taping of our live show from The Stud Bar in San Francisco. The City by the Bay with all the gays was very good to us and […]


  1. SAL-E says:

    Nope, I am still not a Drag Queen!
    And I will say it again and again!
    Love ya

  2. loved listening to the show it was awesome and funny

  3. Barbara says:

    Ronnie is 5’10” !! I am so jealous.

  4. Zara says:

    You guys completely rock 馃檪 and you need to post the lyrics to that song, it’s awesome 馃榾

  5. Hey guys I wish that you guys would sing that opening song more often or record it so that you can use it more often… Just love that Song…… “what’s the cut tell me wha happened, what’s the cut tell me wha happened,what’s the cut tell me wha happened”


    Thanks for giving a us a MS Ronnie moment it has been a while since she was last on the show!!

    See you guys soon.

  6. groggy says:

    I think that ‘Amanda’s Symphony’ would make a great Mini Bite!

  7. Care to edit the Symphony for us?

  8. Maia says:

    I had to work on something in Quark today (and after several years of not using Quark, it was not like riding a bike — it was like doing a handstand on a unicycle while balancing a pyramid of monkeys on my feet and singing the alphabet backwards)… and this podcast kept me from tearing all of my hair out in frustration!

    Thank you, FOF, for keeping me sane. Love the live shows. Everyone sounded beautiful!

  9. Chad says:

    When Heklina told the joke about Alzheimer’s/AIDS I was laughing so hard the woman sitting next to me on the metro got up and moved to another seat!

  10. Love it, love it, love it. Sal, you look like a queen! In the royal way. The other connotation is a given. I can’t stare at those pictures enough. That plus the video of your stand-up act at the other show combined to make this a glorious day for me. Miss Ronnie, you were hilarious, Amanda, you rule, Ron was hilarious, and Mark and Fausto–what snappy suits! I only wish you guys could do live shows all the time.

  11. Cliff Dix says:

    I love the live shows. I wish I could be at one in person. Today’s show reminded me why I love you guys so much. You are all genuine and caring people. Thank you Fausto, Marc, Ronnie, Sal-E, and Amanda for doing this for us. I have met all of you except Sal-E(Hopefully, next time I am in Chicago), and you are all more sexy and gorgeous in person. All 10’s and all knockouts.
    Thank you also to the talented tongued Heklina and well-hung Ronn Vigh for filling out the show. Terrific!

  12. Hey guys, I just had to say I loved the live show and Ronn Vigh. I do have a question about something he raised in his set regarding gay marriage receptions: what if the couple are “versatile”? Who pays for the reception then?

    Any hoo – keep the shows comin!

  13. i think gay marriages only happen when there is a bottom involved to force the issue.

  14. Amanda is hilarious! I only wish I could have been there to see the FOF live. Although I did get a glimpse of Marc and Fausto at Disneyland but wasn’t able to molest you to like I had wanted to. (All in good fun). You guys are great, please keep up the awesome work you do! It makes my day when I can sit back and sip a caffeinated beverage and listen to the FOF with my favorites, Fausto and Marc. Love you guys!

  15. SAL-E says:

    I love being one of the GAY ONES……………………..

  16. sbaylk says:

    That was such a fun night and it really translated well to audio. I forgot how much I liked that opening song, so catchy and clever. I just love this podcast and was so thrilled to meet the folks who make it and watch them/you perform live. Shout out to you Sal-e. I had a great time talking to you about how cool the Winchester Mystery House is. And talking to Miss Ronnie was such a treat, I don’t get meet too many other 5’10 women. Everyone else was so gracious and cool, Cliff Dix is right, you are all so much more sexy and gorgeous in person.

  17. Jon-paul says:

    Thanks for letting me relive the memories….what a fun night. I loved being part of Symphony O. I keep practicing my part at home….

  18. Leslie, I agree- I could stare at Sal-E’s make-up photos all day long! It’s really a work of living art.

  19. oh my god Marc I’m sorry to tell you that, but frankly you can’t sing at all, but do not stop coz I love your voice and it turns me on! lol
    Yey I finally installed new rigntons on my cellphone and guess what they are…
    for e-mails: “Stay Tunnned!” by marc, sal-e and fausto; for message: “Whithout you we’re nothing!” by them again; for calls: the new song you sang on this show and for the video calls: “Play hard, play smart!”!!!

    I’m missing Sal-E on the show!

  20. Awesome … just awesome. The opening song was great, you guys should make it into an mp3.

    Also, why aren’t there more episodes with both Ronnie and Amanda?

  21. miata says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Miss Amanda! But don’t worry about me in Singapore… you can’t swing a cat here without hitting a gay! (and thanks to my SF sister MH1! Missing you – mwah!)

  22. Symphony O rocked – hey so if that is considered music – can we consider all the sounds at a Steamworks improvisational Jazz?

  23. Richard says:

    Guys I love your live theme song. Sal E looked fantastic. It was worth every cent of Kryolan. Miss Ronnie you rock my world honey & your weight loss inspires me everytime I hear you mention it. As for calling Amanda The Cracken…. How VERY dare you. Amanda, to quote Miss Ronnie “Everything’s gonna be all right.” I’m looking forward to the video’s of the show.

  24. Ohh… this one was sooooo fun!
    Amanda is hilarious!! Love her!

  25. Ronn says:

    I had so much fun doing the podcast and hanging out with the whole gang- before,after, and during. And, I met some wonderful and devoted fans of the show- all who were a pleasure to yuk it up with. Alrighty- I just flew in from Austin….. and boy are my arms tired. yuk yuk. naptime!

  26. PupDon says:

    This show was awesome. I wish I could have been there. Especially since that WOOFY Daddy was handing out human dog biscuits. You know if I had been there I would have jumped up on the stage and started begging for one. 馃檪

  27. SAL-E says:

    Who was passing out Treats?
    And I missed it?

  28. Joe P says:

    Thanks for putting the Stud Bar show on podcast! I really enjoyed the live aspect, and listening to the comedy of Hecklina, Ronn Vigh, and everyone else. We don’t have such experiences in this sleepy Midwestern town. Any chance you’d ever come to Cincinnati for a live podcast? You guys don’t know what you are missing here. Okay, I exagerate just a bit. The cake sitting is hilarious, and too bad that Steven Peterson didn’t sit on a cake again! What a cutie!

  29. I was delighted to learn that one of the people I idolize (Fausto) is in the same profession that I hope to be in. YaY! for graphic design!

  30. Sid says:

    Listening to the show reminded me of how awesome it was to actually be there. When you guys are all huge superstars I will be able to say I met you back in the beginning… Well the show was awesome. The opening song translated well to the podcast and I loved when Fausto fell on stage. But in particular Sal-E was just hilarious. I hope you don’t think the muppet comment was an insult b/c that’s exactly how you should’ve looked. Your “why not/fuck it” attitude is so spot on. Thanks for the audio pleasure! – Sid

  31. Oh My god! what fun. Heklina is a hoot. Next time I am in California I will make Trannyshack a top Priority.
    Hek’s joke about Alzehimers and HIV bursted out at work. He’s a lot like drew Carey-laughs at his on jokes, I really appreciate that. He’s entertaining himself just as much as he is entertaining the audience.

    Do I need a “shirt off pick” to win a goodie box?

  32. btw any way to get in touch with Bill Hadad? Would love to drop him a line.

  33. Curtis says:

    Heklina mentioned her hectic weekend photoshoot with the Hot House Boys – here’s some of the results

  34. Curtis says:

    I guess I’ll post them in the community threads….

  35. Hey Joe P…you know the deal! Find us a venue in Cincinnati, help us raise money for airfare and places to stay, and we’ll be there faster than you can say “On Broadway.”


    PS: I’m available June 14th.
    PPS: I don’t mind being called a Kraaken…I would love to live underwater and swallow pirates. And I could hold up my tentacles and say “SUCKAHS!!!”

  36. Joe P says:

    Fabulous Amanda! That would be great. I would just have to drum up support from my fellow Cincinnatian Feast of Foolers (where are they?). No need for a plane ticket, though. Cincinnati is about 5 hours away by car, or if you are lucky can get a $1 ticket fare on the Megabus.

  37. “What’s the cut?” (from Jesus Christ Super Star) — I’m only 8 minutes into this podcast and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD I WISH I’D BEEN THERE TO SEE THIS! You never cease to amaze me.

    OK — I’m going back to listen to the rest of the show.

  38. Finished listening to the rest of the show. You all do a great live show. You should take this show on the road more often.

  39. bowdownza says:

    wow I am just getting around to listening to this show while doing my holiday baking…
    Fausto you have such a nice voice
    marc…you have such nice hair and arms.
    Love ya both…

  40. Bowdownza…you should see the hair ON his arms! HOTT!

  41. Hey guys,

    You guys are even better live, we bet.

    We were very jealous that we weren’t able to be there but Australia is so far away from San Francisco. If we had the funds, we’d fly you all down here for a show Down Under. Might have to drug Miss Ronnie first though!!!!

    We love all your presentations. They were quite fabulous indeed.

    Thanks for sharing this show with the rest of the world.

    Kisses from Brisbane
    Shaun and Mel

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