FOF #646 – Dame ENDA

Nov 8, 2007 · 1985 views

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What is it with these Republicans? As you may or may not know, the list of anti-gay voting, behind the doors gay-sexing conservative Republican politicians keeps growing and growing. Mark Foley, Larry Craig, Richard “Frankenfurter” […]


  1. Hi guys! I’d like to respectfully correct what Mike Rogers said about the assistant U.S attorney from Florida because, contrary to his comment, I know more than one person that followed this story, myself included.

    First of all, the guy did not prosecute children’s cases. He dealt mostly in tax stuff. He was caught in a sting operation run by Detroit police. A police officer pretended to be the mother of a five year old child and arranged, over the internet, to essentially sell her daughter to him. He acted like this was the norm. It makes one pause and wonder how many sick, twisted mothers do this to their children.

    When the ‘mother’ asked if he would be gentle, he said “I am always very nice, no rough stuff ever” a damning statement as it implies he’s done this before.

    He showed up at the airport with a container of vaseline and a Dora the Explorer doll. He was arrested there, held in jail, and commited suicide about a week later.

    He also had a creepy myspace page where he talked about loving “water sports and young girls.”

    I believe all of that is pretty much accurate. If you want the full story, just google ‘pedophile detroit florida prosecutor.’

  2. Hey guys I really like when you have talks about how currupted and vias politicians in the U.S. are I would love to hear a program about gay rights in Latin America that would be awsome guys.

  3. Gary T says:

    Great show boys. I always appreciate Mike’s political insight. Wouldn’t it be great if Mike could dig up something juicy on Mitt Romney or Rudy Giuliani?

  4. Thanks guys for a very informative show. I just hope now the higher powers do realize that all people are created equal and do not block the bill. Great Show!! See you soon!!

  5. bradley says:

    loved the clip of barney frank. i was surprised at how emotional he sounded.

  6. Just a question about the goodie boxes… were there only two of them or are the draws only on certain days?

  7. there will eight random ones throughout the month

  8. moonsammy says:

    I think I am gonna have to move to Washington, maybe I will have better luck getting layed

  9. ColJH says:

    I would just like to say that I had a horrible day today but I came home and found a mysterious package on the counter. And of course it was my FoF Digitally Delicious t-shirt.

    I’m feeling better, sexier and slimmer already!!

    Thanks guys!

  10. Wil says:

    Thank you guys. Because of you I kleep myself informed in politics. Just tell me who I should vote for and when. I’d read his blog but I’m a better listener.

  11. Rhea says:

    I was surprised to hear that Mike Rogers thinks that Hillary will get the Democratic nomination, rather than Barack Obama. Why? I think Americans aren’t ready to elect a female president, and would sooner elect a man of colour. The reasons: America is ready for a change– Barack is a complete 180 from George Dubya. Obama is smart, sophisticated, well-travelled, doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of political baggage, and seems to inspire younger people and people of colour to get out there and be involved in the political process. Hillary Clinton, I fear, will be overshadowed by her husband’s legacy, and even though she’s got ovaries as big as Gaye Adegbalola’s, middle America would not be able to accept a woman as their Commander-In-Chief to lead them during a time of war. Just my two cents!

  12. OMG I love the pic at the top of this post, It took me a good minute to recognize it as a photoshoped pic from the rocky horror picture show. The world needs more Mike Rogers, where is the cloning machine when you need it. Godspeed Mr. Rogers. And for the hypocrites @$%!# &&^%$ **&^^% !@#$%^&*()(*& ^%$#@!!@#$%^&!!! And I hope you all get caught.

    Good show You Guys

  13. corey says:

    It’s a little depressing when closeted, homophobic Republicans are getting more tail than I am. 😛

  14. I’ve been listening for about 2 years and this is my 1st time sending in anything but, As a black male, i don’t think many people will vote for Obama, USA is not ready for a Blackman in office…. Hilary, well I’m from NY, and I voted for her to be in the senate, I’m most likely I’ll vote for her. just my thoughts… most of the people i’ve talked to have said they are more likely to vote Hilary… iight love you guys.

  15. Why do people make myspace pages saying they like “young girls?” Are they really that stupid to think myspace isn’t heavily monitored?

    I agree with Rhea… Obama seems like the more likely candidate between the two… I however, think Kucinich should get the nomination.

    Also, I didn’t much care for Mike… something about the way he talked made me perceive him as arrogant and possibly less informed than he let on… possibly the whole Clinton getting the nomination thing seeing as she’s glaringly republican. but that’s just me.

    Great show guys!

  16. Also, that is a really great picture! nice photoshopping Fausto!

  17. Lol, I agree with u Faustol, no one can resist of the penis’s power!!! HAHAHA
    I’ll be one of the damn commenter today, coz I’m tired and I can’t even keep my eyes open anymore.
    Wow, great show guys..LOL
    Take care

  18. RcktMan says:

    Mike Rogers really knows his stuff. I hope he becomes a regular feature on the show… certainly if more Republicans keep getting caught with their pants down– literally and figuratively. 🙂

  19. Rhea says:

    Hi Thunderbunny,

    Coming from Canada (the giant blue state above you guys!), I sound naïve when I say that Barack is the best Democratic candidate. Logically, Hillary is the safest person for the job– she’s an intelligent, well-educated white woman from the North who would do well in the South… *I* would vote for her if I could! But she has too much baggage left over from the previous Clinton administration. And because she’s the frontrunner, her rivals are doing everything they can to expose her foibles, with a big help from the media. How can you win the game of electoral Dodgeball when everybody’s hurling their balls straight at you?

    Barack, I believe, is a new start, a fresh slate. To paraphrase Ms. Ronnie, the ‘bama is white enough for middle America, yet black and angry enough to effect change. 🙂

    Of course, this whole discussion may be moot– Edwards might come in there and get the nomination. A Metro for President!

  20. Matt H says:

    I hopw my republican father isn’t sneaking around any public bathrooms. ;-P

  21. I dated a closeted republican. one word. Messy.

  22. Joe P says:

    I have heard several women around me say that the country is not ready to have a female president. I was floored because that is so sexist! With that attitude we will never be ready for a female president. Don’t knock it until you try it! Is what I think. I think part of the issue why I would want Hillary as president is because I miss the original Clinton years and upset the Bush era took it away from us. She is, however, a very smart, confident, savvy woman that has been a great leader and will make a great President. She may be running on the coattails of her husband but she clearly stands out on her own. The same thing with Obama becoming president. I think it is better to think how wonderful the country could be with a black president rather thinking it is not ready for it. We should be positive!

    And Fausto, I love you, but Cyndi Lauper is not a one-hit-wonder! You made that mention on this podcast. She has probably had at lest 10 top-ten hits. Granted she is not a hit machine anymore, but I have seen her in concert twice and have been a few of my favorite concerts. She really gets into her performance and her audience loves her. I saw her open for Cher in Cincinnati, and her 10-set opening act eclipsed Cher’s performance!

  23. Kenny says:

    I think we should all abandon the closet! Wardrobes and armoires are far more attractive.

    The last 6+ years have been torturous with the Republican domination of our government, and the duplicitous behavior on all fronts (sexual, political, personal, etc) has left America wanting in the face of Global society. We’re not the only ones. The more of us that come out, live our lives boldly and honestly, the better our society will be for everyone.

    Fausto, thanks for tackling the serious topics as well as for offering up such great fare as the shows in LA and SF. The Feast of Fools’ 646th show is as just one more in a long set of quality entertainment.

  24. Rhea says:

    I don’t think I’m being sexist when I say that America is not ready to have a female president– just realistic. Are people being racist when they say America isn’t ready to elect a black man as their leader?

    I would love it if Hillary were the next president of the United States. But as a woman, I am particularly sensitive to the fact that there are so many people gunning for her, like other politicians, the media… they’re so much harder on her because she *is* a strong woman. Look at Martha Stewart and Donald Trump– both successful American entrepreneurs and billionaires, yet one is vilified for being an ice bitch, and the other is lauded for being a brilliant businessman. With horrible and sexist double standards like these out there, how can America be prepared to have a female leader?

  25. Thx for the show. I have read Mikes Blog since he was on last time, great way to keep informed.

  26. Joe P says:

    I can understand where you come from Rhea. Whether or not it is realistic or not, though, I just try to believe it should be. I do not like to think in negative terms. If a woman does not try to be the first female president I fear that Americans will continuosly believe we will never be ready for one. When will American be “ready” for a female president, and what needs to change so it can happen? I believe as long as someone tries, like Hillary, it will start changing peoples minds much faster than to be lazy and let it happen whenever. The same goes for Obama. I applaud his attempt, but I do not think he is qualified enough at this point to become president (nothing to do about his race).

  27. Hey guys,
    This show was particularly good, and rather humourous too. I don’t think Canada has anything like this sort of scandal regarding closeted gay politicians, but then again according to quite a few of your listeners we are pretty gay already. I think I can agree on that one at least. Keep doing great work, and providing as accurately as you can the facts.

  28. Fantastic show guys. I really love Mike and I love when you have him on.

    You guys seem to be big fans of Cody Castagna but from what I’m reading he sounds like a first class scumbag. According to Washington State TV Station KOMO “According to police reports, the [Castagna and Curtis] went to the Davenport Hotel. There, Curtis claims, the 26-year-old stole his wallet and demanded $1,000. Curtis said he only had $200, which he left at the hotel’s front desk. Police said Castagna may be part of a larger group that targets gay men for extortion. In Curtis’ case, the group designated a flower pot at a Spokane part (ed: I believe they mean “park”) as the drop-off point for the remaining $800. Detectives believe the group has done this before. ‘There were multiple threats and payoffs,’ said Sgt. Joe Peterson. ‘In this instance it seems like it was not the first time and we’ve been told by other people it’s not the first time the suspects have done this type of thing.’ Spokane police are releasing few details and said at least three different people are involved, including Castagna’s cousins. They urge any other victims of extortion to contact Spokane police.”

  29. I’ll promise Cody a Feast of Fools t-shirt if he comes over and lets me dress up as Dr. Frankenfurter and… in just seven days, I can make him, a maaaahn, ha ha ha haaaan!

  30. Cagefighting?!! Come on Fausto you know you need to get some training sessions from your wrestling listener in AZ!
    I can show you some holds that will make that other boy tap out. These holds are so hot everyone is a winner.
    I got some great blue gear ideas for you. Presentation is important.

  31. Luis says:

    I loved this episode. Mike Rogers mentioned the Book “The Brotherhood of the Disapearing pants”. This book lists about 60 “not Gay” republican sex scandals. I have not read it yet, but I can’t wait to find out the timeline for those scandals.

    Larry Craig gets the best though. Did anyone see his press conferance. It was the gayest ever. His first line was something like “thank you everybody for COMING OUT”. And the best ones….” I am not gay, I never have been gay” followed by “I love my wife”.

    He is too funny. Keep up the great work guys.

  32. lis says:

    Good show, enjoyed it almos as much as I enjoy seeing all the conservative republicans getting caught.

  33. Xavi says:

    first, Wil, as a new american i’m going to yell at you (with as much love as i can give a total stranger)…inform YOURSELF and decide for YOURSELF. Not all of us are from countries that give you this freedom and luxury.

    Excellent show. Bring Michael on as often as possible for us political junkies.

    I’m 100% for including T in LGBT ENDA. But, i would love to see our transgender brothers and sisters, who can legally marry, say they will not get married until we can all get married, just like Angelina and Brad.

  34. Hey guys. I loved this episode. It was refreshing to hear someone else say what I have been saying for a while. Obama isn’t going to make it. I like obama, but I don’t think the US is ready. I could launch into a long dissertation on race and class, but what is the point? Let me just say that as long as there are discussions if we are ready, then we are not ready. Hilary will get my vote.
    But don’t get me wrong, none of us will be free until all of us are free. Xavi is right, we have to stay informed and vote.

  35. My favorite episode. Love your work Mike Rogers! I hadn’t heard of you before, but I have now! We are listening.

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