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What a fabulous podcast! Thank you for introducing us to yet another fantastic singer. I’ve just gone on iTunes and bought all his albums. Spencer is... » More

On FOF #2042 – The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! OI! OI! OI! Thanks for a great interview with Courtney Act. I don’t follow RuPaul’s Drag Race other than who comes on your show. Thank... » More

On FOF #1952 – The New Adventures of Courtney Act

I love it when Brian rants on your show. He really makes me laugh. Quite dangerous when I’m training at the gym. I’ve almost dropped a weight... » More

On FOF #1948 – Giving Up Your Cherry for Lent

Tommy Holl is so adorable! I love his appearances on your show. He’s really a sweet heart. Thanks for having him on again, guys. xoxo » More

On FOF #1951 – How to Bring Home a Drunk Irish Man on St. Patrick’s Day

I really enjoy Bertha Mason’s appearances on your show. Her love of pie is infectious. I find myself wanting to have some pie every time I... » More

On FOFA #1930 – In Crust We Trust