FOF #2042 – The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

Sep 9, 2014 · 1985 views

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We don’t usually associate sensual bohemian music with Mormons, but instead we think of wholesome Donnie and Marie types, where everyone smiles till it hurts.

But musician Spencer Day has been through hell and back- from pretending he was a heroin junkie in high school to look cool to struggling with his religious upbringing and sexual identity as an adult.

Today a live music sessions with the fabulous Spencer Day, playing songs from his new album The Mystery of You.


  1. cassiofm says:

    Adream come true! 😀 yaay, fuck work, im gonna just sit back and listen to this show right now! 😀

  2. cassiofm says:

    AMAZING! Just listened to the interview, wow! I looove chatting to Spencer and loved listening to you guys interviewing him, so cool :))) When he stayed with me a couple of weeks ago he picked up my guitar and played his new song Ghost of Chateau Marmont and I loved it, and it sounds even better on the piano, Im already addicted to it hehehehe. But Marc you forgot to ask him to play Out Of My Hands, my favourite of his songs 🙁 But loved the show, glad it finally happened, I knew both you guys and him would have fun 😀

  3. Artemisia says:

    Oh my goddess you mentioned The Room. Oh wow that is the like the worst movie ever LOL.
    It’s like a car wreck to watch.
    1. Tommy Whizo is just creepy. How creepy, he had a sex scene with an actress and creeded her out so bad the second sex scene in the movie is the same as the first with different music.
    2. The sets are totally recognizable as sets where you can the mat backgrounds of the sky move.
    3. The plot is wa defuq ‘ : /
    I hear now people have Tommy Whizo in their bad movies and it’s called getting Whizoed.
    Trust me The Room is like a training film of how to not make a movie. If you ever decide to watch it for some reason I suggest curl up with your drug of choice, bring a friend, strap your self in for a movie where your constantly asking is the really bad or am I missing some weird message.

    Anyway just had to say that. Lol
    Love <3

  4. Than says:

    Michael reminds me a little of Rufus Wainwright, except Michael is cute and has a great voice.

    Some of your fans are also fans of weed. Just sayin’.

    Fun episode, fellas.

  5. Curtis says:

    So happy that Marc, Fausto and Spencer Day finally managed to get together. I have been pushing for this for years…. I remember sending Spencer’s management the release forms for his music to be played on the podcast music back in 2007 or 2008 – since he was never played until now I’m guessing they never responded.

    Such a great interview. Spencer’s charms blended perfectly with you guys. And I can’t even contain the jealousy I have to have been able to sit mere inches from him as he crooned “The Movie of My Life” live to you (it’s my favorite of his songs). “The Ghost of the Chateau Marmont” was great, can’t wait for him to release it.

    I hope Spencer becomes a regular musical guest. Really great show guys!!!

  6. Michael says:

    I had never heard of him before but what a fantastic voice and wonderful songs – also obviously a genuine guy – a wonderful podcast gusy – please do be sure to invite him back!

  7. What a fabulous podcast! Thank you for introducing us to yet another fantastic singer. I’ve just gone on iTunes and bought all his albums. Spencer is a pure delight and thank you for introducing him to us. Love you guys. xoxox

  8. Mathew says:

    wow what an awesome show guys!!!! Spencer was certainly a wonderful guest! I just brought his songs on itunes 😀 thanks for once again introducing me to yet another amazing artist. keep up the good work!!!!!

  9. Fishsauce says:

    Another fantastic podcast! And Spencer is an amazingly talented guy. I dropped everything when “Ghost of Chateau Marmont” came on and had to sit and listen. Gorgeous and haunting.

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