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FOF #2450 - Worst Dates Ever from Hell - 02.13.17

FOF #2450 – Worst Dates Ever from Hell

Love is hell! Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and while we are happily in love- it wasn’t always the case. We had to go on some really bad dates and kiss a lot of frogs before finally catching a prince.

Today, comedian and former Korean talk show celebrity Vickie Eisenstein, joins us to talk about the weird dates she had while living in Korea.

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FOF #2042 - The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day - 09.09.14

FOF #2042 – The Bohemian Sensuality of Spencer Day

We don’t usually associate sensual bohemian music with Mormons, but instead we think of wholesome Donnie and Marie types, where everyone smiles till it hurts.

But musician Spencer Day has been through hell and back- from pretending he was a heroin junkie in high school to look cool to struggling with his religious upbringing and sexual identity as an adult.

Today a live music sessions with the fabulous Spencer Day, playing songs from his new album The Mystery of You.

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Listen to Hot Jazz

Listen to Hot Jazz

Enjoy a preview of my soon-to-be-released album, featuring great Chicago musicians Willie Pickens on piano, Art Davis on trumpet and Marlene Rosenberg on bass. The photos for this slide show were shot by Jennifer Girard.

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FOF #949 - Feast of Fun - 03.13.09

FOF #949 – Feast of Fun

It’s time to bring on the Samba or lay some blame on the Bossa Nova. We’ve got a gay fun show for you today with live music by Chicago Jazz singer Solitaire Miles and Brazilian […]

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FOF #699 - Love Potion Sorceress - 02.07.08

FOF #699 – Love Potion Sorceress

Valentine’s Day has come a little early this year. My good friend Solitaire has stopped by today to announce the winner’s of our Valentine’s Day Massacre Photo Contest she was running on her Deviant art […]

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