FOF #699 – Love Potion Sorceress

Feb 7, 2008 · 1985 views

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Valentine’s Day has come a little early this year. My good friend Solitaire has stopped by today to announce the winner’s of our Valentine’s Day Massacre Photo Contest she was running on her Deviant art […]


  1. Kaleb says:

    Solitare, you have such a beautiful voice! I loved hearing you sing on the show today.

    Marc, I’m sorry I didn\’t have you in the photo. I planned out two different Valentines, one for each of you, but the Fausto one turned out better. I also had a third idea that would have had you holding Fausto\’s disembodied head (from the picture where he\’s wrapped in the pink boa), but I couldn\’t relate that back to Valentine\’s day very well. It\’s good to know you\’re watching me though 😉

    Great show today guys. A woman on the bus kept staring at me because of all the laughter.

  2. nccellist says:

    Who knew Erie, PA was such a source of excellent jazz vocalists, Jen Zias and now Solitaire. Marc you have excellent taste in friends.

    What\’s the difference between a cello and a bass? I\’m so glad you asked. Basses are indeed larger than celli (plural of cello), but they also have steeper sloped shoulders to help the bassist shift to higher hand positions. This is particularly useful since due its size, one cannot play as many pitches without having to move the hand. Also, basses are tuned in fourths as opposed to violins, violas, and celli which are all tuned in fifths. Lastly, bassists have the option of playing with a german bow where the right hand is perpendicular to the bow instead of on top of it.

  3. Solitaire – WOW loved it bought the CD.

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    Solitaire is an amazing artist and beautiful singer. Glad to hear from her again.
    I thought Carol Burnett had her own rose too but I can\’t find it online. I did find the Barbara Streisand rose.
    This is for Fausto- Happy Early Valentines Day Dear!

  5. RcktMan says:

    My dad grew roses while I was growing up. We had over 250 rose bushes in our backyard at any given time. There are roses named for all kinds of people, including John F. Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Bing Crosby and Judy Garland. Heck, even Rosie O\’Donnell and Dolly Parton have had roses named for them! Maybe the new Blue rose should be named after Feast of Fools? Seems appropriate to me…

    I really enjoyed Solitaire on today\’s show. It\’s been a while since she\’s been on! I love her voice and will be purchasing her album shortly!

  6. I was the person that Fausto interrupted midmeditation but thankfully we got to finish it. That was a nice treat after a long day at work. Great show. Ms Miles is always pleasant and warm. I luv u guys so much 🙂

  7. I love the pictures of you guys in feathers and I love the animation —- it’s a riot!


  8. EdPopinVA says:

    Guys, this was a great show, I got home from work and immediately went to your site and clicked on the itunes link to download Solitaires CD. Excellent music, fun show, she was great, bring her back.


  9. DKMPLS says:

    There was a comment on the show about John McCain when he was young and if he was hot. Well, here\’s a picture:

  10. DKMPLS says:

    Well apparently I don\’t understand how to post pictures. But if you search Wikipedia, you find a 1974 interview picture.

  11. Mark,

    I\’ve heard of the Blue rose splicing trials, but I hadn\’t heard that it was successful yet. Do you have a
    URL? (I\’m a rose nut, 80+ individual cultivars in my garden.)

    If you want to see pictures of Barbara Streisand\’s rose namesake, The link below is from a really helpful site for rose folks.

    B.t.w. OMG How wonderful the voice of Solitaire! I just love an effortless female singer. Thanks for sharing her with us!

  12. Wil says:

    Ellen was talking aboutpets who play instuments on her show so i send her the link to the flicker pictuire with the musical pets. i hope they contact her

  13. Lieber47 says:

    I loved Solitaire – her voice is amazing!

  14. Andrew J says:

    Awesome music! I wish there was somewhere I could go every Friday night to listen to music like this. Maybe there is and I just don\’t know …

    Marc, it was awesome how you had an answer for each of Fausto\’s \”Why is such and such called such and such\” (e.g. AOL, Apple, etc.) You\’re really quick on your feet!

  15. Lieber47 says:

    You two have often mentioned your support for Hillary Clinton. I am just wondering what your thoughts are on this subject:

    I find it interesting that on her website, any reference to LGBT issues or her support of civil unions is buried under layers of webpages and is almost impossible to find. In fact, I cannot even find the information right now!
    However, it is quite easy to find such information on Barack Obama\’s website under the title \”People\”.

    Does this show that Hillary is trying to distance herself from that issue in order to win more conservative voters? Why would this very important issue be virtually ignored on her website?

  16. Billy says:

    Solitaire you have an amazing voice. So soothing and calming to listen to. I am going to go home tonight and download your CD off itunes.

    Keep it up boys LOVE THE SHOW!!!

  17. SAL-E says:

    Love her voice
    I am so getting her CD.
    Love ya

  18. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    You all warm my heart
    Thank you for your kind words.

  19. I am such a dork, I forgot to check the comments! Forgive me for not getting back to them sooner.

    I am hoping to scheduale some gigs in Chicago in a few months, but for now I am busy preparing to record a new jazz album. Thank you everyone who went to itunes or CD Baby to check out my recording with Johnny Frigo. He was such a wonderful performer and will be sorely missed.

  20. Yay! My copy of Solitaire Miles arrived today and is nestling on my iPod.

  21. I was listening to this episode while at the dollar store, searching for some storage solutions. Yes, I am cheapskate. So it was nice to hear Solitaire singing while braving the throngs of penny-pinchers.

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