FOF #698 – Overcoming Blushing

Feb 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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Dutch psychologists are now offering a course in overcoming blushing. Personally, I like it when someone blushes a little, it reveals a sensitive side that I might like to get to know a little better. […]


  1. Hey Guys loved the show, if you know this already apologies but check out Penhaligons perfumes they’re really good. Your nearest stockist is
    Truefitt & Hill
    900 N. Michigan Avenue; Level 6
    IL 60611

  2. Cliff Dix says:

    Tracy, Tracy, Tracy. I am loving you more and more everyday. That story about your lesbian pussies was too much. We need another Tracy crafting video. Maybe a Valentine’s or Easter project. I need to know how to make a really great Easter Bonnet.
    Also I know of the Stockard Channing movie you guys were talking about. It is The Girl Most Likely To written by Joan Rivers. A funny 70’s movie for sure about an ugly fat girls revenge.
    Here is a snatch of it.

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Why do I have the hardest time posting YouTube videos. Oh well here is the link:

  4. Cliff I loved that movie when I was a kid. My favorite scene is exactly that one. We use to recreate it in the back yard, but we would do cartwheels since we couldn’t do flips.

  5. Matt says:

    Oh yes! My newest dog, Brady is a flaming queen!! He wont go outside unless his toenails are painted and I have brushed his hair. Plus he keeps trying to get it on with my mothers dog, Nicky. Althought I think Nicky is more of a Bisexual pup. There is a thread on here I created a while back specifically for people to mention their gay pets. I think it was named, “Gay Petz!” Great show you guys! I’ve been M.I.A. from the podcast world for far to long. Its great to be back, getting to listen to you all. Its like getting to see family you’ve missed for a long time. Love ya guys! and again, another fabulous show!

  6. kennidi says:

    Aww….Tracy does think that but I have been out with her when a guy was only into her and not us! He was so into to the point she pushed him onto me, and in the end he only wanted her. That shit pissed me off cuz dont push a guy into u on me….he was hot too! So Tracy is hott and gets her own men after her, because I think she sends off a vibe to everyone. I used to be totally like Tracy but the older and the longer I have been living this life as a woman that its not an addiction to me anymore. So yes I am not as friendly to guys like Tracy is to men, I know men just want to fuck me cuz Im some sex object to me, but Tracy sees it as something else! I love her and shes fun to party with, so anyone who gets the opportunity to hang with her its a great time! I will miss her when I move out of state, because she is one of my bestest friends! I love the show today guys! Keep it up! Hugs, Kennidi

  7. That’s so sweet Kennidi — I love you too girl !!! I’m gonna be so sad when you move in the spring we’ve been through a lot together and we’ve had so many side splitting laughing marathons that I can’t even count. oh yeah and then there was that one time you WALKED home in 6 inch heels from downtown — LOL LOL LOL I’ll never forget !!!


  8. OMG CLIFFFF that movie clip you posted is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! “LOOK OUT FOR THE ROSES” LOL LOL LOL LOL

  9. Rhea says:

    Oh Tracy, even your written “LOL”s are like music to my ears! 🙂 If I ever come to Chicago, this here lesbian will wine and dine you, girl! But not at Filipino restaurants, because that blood thing you ate (also known as “Dinuguan”) is just icky stuff.


  10. bowdownza says:

    Cliff you beat me to the punch with that video. I loved that movie as a kid. I was perennially overweight and had really bad hair.
    I completely understood that movie at age eight but does anyone remember the Big Bus?

  11. kennidi says:

    Tracy, that nite was from when I said something that pissed u off and then u being pissed off and pissed me off! LOL! So many stories that this podcast will never understand with us…lol! Two girls in the city!!!!

  12. Teddy says:

    tracy, you really do crack me up. i was on the train this morning literally laughing out loud to you describing your cats. you are too damn cute!

  13. Bowdownza, What’s the big bus?

  14. Thanks Teddy —- mmm I like Teddy bears 😀 —- hehehehe


  15. bowdownza says:

    Marc- it was a spoof of disaster movies but took place on a giant bus that was nuclear powered. Its maiden voyage was supposed to cross the country in like five hours or something like that. I remember Stockard Channing being stuck in a room drowning in coke. I was pretty silly as far as I remember.

  16. Hey Boys,

    Was just listening to this show on my way in to work. I do have to tell you though, that ppl looking to be infected with HIV is actually happening. I have a friend who is poz and once they find what his status is, they are all over him. He also gets invited to parties where there is a mixture of poz and negative guys and they go around sleeping with each other, nobody knows who is poz and not. It is kind of russian roulette of sorts. I don\’t understand it, but when talking to him it is a matter that the younger guys don\’t care anymore becuase HIV is treatable and not the death sentence it once was. The idea, I am going to get it sometime so might as well just get it over. Really Sad.

    But on a good note, Feast of Fools is a great podcast and so glad I stumbled across it. Down side of it, is that I never get to listen to music anymore becuase I am always trying to catch up on the podcast!! Keep up the great work.

  17. Tanya says:

    I’ve just joined the FOF community, and this is my first comment!
    But I have to say: I love TRACY!!!!! She is so funny, and wonderful and just gorgeous! Loved her story about the cats 😉 Always love to listen to her…

  18. paganblueboy- I want to talk to one person with HIV that actively sought out the infection to believe that it’s really happening. It’s always a friend of a friend story, its never “I’m poz and I actively went out to get the bug”

  19. Hey Marc, well in doing research for the articles about that little business in the Netherlands with a group of psychos setting up orgies, drugging, dateraping and injecting people with their Poz blood (true story – as mentioned on the Feast of Fools) they DID find sites for Bughunters – though the name escapes me. There were also televised interviews with one or two of these bughunters. However, most of the people having unsafe sex follow the fatalistic \’well I will catch it sooner or later\’ pseudo-logic paganblue talks about. I know a lot of people are barebacking while fully aware of the risk. They might not call it bughunting but in a way that\’s what they are doing.
    I\’ll have a look at that anti-blushing course in my \’hood, though I am too jaded to blush much to begin with…

  20. Curtis says:

    Marc you’re talking blasphemy! Vietnamese food is sublime. One of my favorite choices. Imperial Rolls are manna from heaven.

  21. Billy says:

    Tracy, you story about your lesbian cats are absolutely hystetical! I could not stop laughing at work, it was pretty embarrassing. I love when you\’re on the show, and I hope you continue to come back with stories like these!

  22. Thanks Billy — I\’ve been watching how they play very closely ever since \”the incident\” and sure enough they are LESBIAN — how could I have been so blind …. to think, under my own roof LOL LOL LOL —

    Curtis , if you ever come to town you will have to go to dinner with us and prove us wrong Vietmamese food!


  23. Curtis says:

    Tracy you’re on! I will hopefully be in Chicago in early March for the Feast of Fools show we hope to do live at Steamworks.

  24. FABULOUS!!! I\’ll see you there Curtis!!!

  25. Joe P says:

    I love it when you have Tracy on the show! I hope you are one more in the future.

    Though I have to say I miss Miss Ronnie. I hope she is back on the show soon.

    I just bought my mug today and I can\’t wait to get it!

    Keep up the good work, guys.

  26. My first post in a long time, and I have to say damn it Tracy you are so much fun when you are on the show that even in my coughing and hacking (yay bronchitis), it led me to laughing..then coughing…then more laughing. Loved the show, Love you Tracy!

  27. Tracy, I like it when you are on the show, talking with Marc & Fausto about all manner of things.

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