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Mar 13, 2009 · 1985 views

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It’s time to bring on the Samba or lay some blame on the Bossa Nova. We’ve got a gay fun show for you today with live music by Chicago Jazz singer Solitaire Miles and Brazilian […]


  1. Loved the show, great to hear Solitaire on the show again and look forward to the new album collaboration with Paulinho, sounds wonderful.

    I’m very sad to say goodbye to Feast of Fools though, it’s been with me for some years now and rather like Mary Tudor’s feeling for Calais – if you cut me open when I die you will find FOF in my heart! 馃檨

  2. If you have FOF in heart, you’ll never die.

  3. Don’t be sad Mark! We’re still going to do what we do best- this gay fun show, it’s just going to be called something slightly different.

  4. We will always be Feast of Fools inside and outside, but the name was a necessary change to help reach out to new listeners and represent the exciting changes coming to the site and the programming.

  5. Rhea says:

    This was a wonderful treat to listen to on a Friday work day afternoon. I love listening to Solitaire speak and sing, and samba suits her quite well. Sometimes it pays to go off the beaten path!

    As for the name change, I love it. The show is evolving, you guys are evolving, and perhaps the lame-o, uneducated publicists out there will pay more attention to a talk show without the word “fools” in it.

    Bigger and better boys, that’s what you’re becoming!

  6. Joey says:

    This is the first time I listened to your show, and it is HOT! I loved hearing Solitaire and Paulinho play, it’s like being in a jazz club!

  7. Shari says:

    Hi Boys! I’ts Shari from Erie. It’s always great to hear you two. I love hearing Sol sing, and I’m glad that you had her on your show, you all sound terrific. I didn’t know that Fausto was such a good singer, he should do more samba, it’s SPICY!

  8. Bradley says:

    It’s great to hear live music on the show, you guys are the hosts with the most! It doesn’t get any classier then Solitiare and Paulinho.

  9. Phil says:

    I am a big fan of Sol’s from the Gentry, and I love to hear her sing! I’m so glad to join up on your site, I follow you gusy on FB. Good luck with the name change!

  10. Tim O says:

    Loved the show – you popped my podcast cherry – thanks for being gentle with me!

    I can see why your podcast has won awards.

    I’m also happy for Solitaire in pursuing her great artistic loves.


  11. RcktMan says:

    Oooooooohhhhh I can NOT wait for the new album. The music on today’s show is so soothing and beautiful– just the type of music I need in my life right now.

    Solitaire’s voice is stunning, and Paulhino’s guitar is so gorgeous and calming. I just LOVE it. 馃檪

    And I love you guys too! 馃檪

  12. Gorgeous music today The story of cintura fina was soooo hot!!! I’m really excited about the name change. Its very fitting that you guys remain fresh and progress. After all you continue to inform us in more ways than we could ever count. Exciting stuff.

  13. forgot to ask, can we get the name of the cintura fina documentary please, I can’t seem to find it myself

  14. I will find out where we can find the documentary. Thank you everyone for your kind words, it’s very encouraging to know that the new songs are being so well received. xoxoxoxoxo

  15. Peter Shymanski says:

    It’s great to see Solitaire perform again, we miss her! I had no idea that Marc Felion hosted this show, Marc you probably don’t remember me from the Slider, but keep up the good work!

  16. Robin says:

    input your comment here…
    Congratulations on your show. I look forward to hearing it soon.

  17. Dominic says:

    Thanks for the soothing sounds, they brought me down after a hard nights work. Good luck with the new show name.

  18. Hello guys, sorry for not being able to comment earlier but still I’m here! LOL
    Well, I’m just stunned about Solitaire voice and her portuguese accent, it felt so natural. And about the “cintura fina” I think I’ve heard my brother saying something about her when he was in college and he’s learned about her, but not sure thought.
    Paulinho is a very good singer and his MPB’s (M煤sica Popular Basileira = Popular Brazilan Music) voice is so peaceful, can’t wait to listen more songs with Solitaire and Paulinho.

    Fausto if you wanna a “carnaval” style song I can send you one and you’ll see why we have to dance almost naked. As my weekend’s work is to teach people how to dance AX脡 (another brazilian style music) I have a lot of songs.


  19. Tara says:

    It was really nice to hear Solitaire sing, we miss hearing her on Wilson Ave (although we don’t miss the biting dog lol). You have a fantastic show, I will be tuning in now every day!

  20. Frank says:

    It was a pleasant thing to listen to your show, Solitare and Polinho are so enjoyable, and your dialogue was witty and ingenius. I will be tuning in more often, you are a credit to the gay community in Chicago.

  21. Bobbi says:

    Cool show, love the samba and that old song. Live music is always fab, keep it up FOF!

  22. Patricia Fern贸s says:

    Well, HELLO FEAST OF FUN! And was it FUN today! Loved the singing! Loved the talk – a thoroughly delightful show! I congratulate you on your name change and I LOVE the picture of you two! MUA!!!

  23. Randy says:

    I have never listened to your show before, but I liked it alot. Solitar told me to check you out, and you are FUNNY! I am going to listen more, glad that you are on itunes too.
    Good luck Feast of Fun, you guys are too cool! I hope she sings on your show more, she is a classy lady.

  24. Brent says:

    Great show, really loved the music!

  25. Kieran says:

    I liked the show but I thought you two were being very coy compared to usual. No comments about Brazilian waxing, very controlled language for a change. How come you didn’t wear bras under your sweaters and put a little make up on? This was a very relaxing show and nice music but kind of subdued. OK. I guess variety is important. Did you take a qaalude?

  26. Andy says:

    Loved the show. Enjoyed the music, made me feel really relaxed.

  27. Alfonzo says:

    I am so impressed that you referenced Hole in My Heart by Cyndi Lauper.

    PS-I’m almost in on the Phoenix trip thing for you guys. Don’t worry about about being eaten, we like Mexican down here! HA!

  28. Cintura Fina’s character in a Soap Opera

  29. Paulinho is still searching for the documentary

  30. I sent the video to Paulinho, this is what he said

    This is not Cintura fina. It is a dramatization for a soap opera called Hilda Furacao, a woman who use to fight man.
    Tomba was a prostitute and Cintura fina was well know to protect them and as far as I know they never fought and also as far as I know he never picked up a fight, he always defended himself, that actor doesn’t even look at all like Cintura fina.
    I sent an e-mail to the people in Brazil to see if they still have the tapes. Now, with all this curiosity, I’d love to translate it.

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