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FOF #2768 – Strawberry Shartcake Forever

For drag queens like Strawberry Shartcake, their mustache is not just a symbol of gender ambiguity, but like a cat’s whiskers, it’s a way they navigate the world around them. So what happens when a gig you’re dying to get requires you to shave it all off?

Today the mustachioed madam, drag queen, go-go dancer and regular in Peaches Christ’s productions, Strawberry Shartcake, joins us to talk about her sex and body positive gender blending ways.

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FOF #2050 – Drag Queens vs Facebook

Today we’re joined by Heklina to talk about their secret meeting with Facebook and what’ll happen if they don’t figure out a way to embrace people networking with their stage names.

Also joining us is Chicago drag queen Joan Waters, who just won Reddit’s Lipsync for Your Life Competition. Joan has a lot of funny things to talk about like that time she got into fight with two drag queens dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy, and all the online dirt.

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VIDEO: Brazilian Splish Splash Youtube Doubler

A woman goes for a wild ride down the gutter during a rainstorm in Brazil. I have to hand it to her though, she got up all by herself!

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National Underwear Day in Brazil!!

Really cute pics!

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Clown Congressman Screws Up First Vote

Now you may think most politicians are clowns. but in Brazil. Tiririca the clown actually got elected to their congress. In true clown fashion though, he screwed up his first vote and voted along with […]

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The Horrors of Christmas- Part 1

Burn baby burn! Santa’s such a HOT mess! I wish there was a video of this giant Santa burning down to ground in Santa Catarina, Brazil. [Via]

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A Hot Summer Breeze From Brazil: Arthur Sales

Arthur Sales, a new model from Brazil, presenting swimwear for 2010.  Enjoy! 🙂

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FOF #949 – Feast of Fun

It’s time to bring on the Samba or lay some blame on the Bossa Nova. We’ve got a gay fun show for you today with live music by Chicago Jazz singer Solitaire Miles and Brazilian […]

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