FOF #2050 – Drag Queens vs Facebook

Sep 19, 2014 · 1985 views

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Today we’re joined by Heklina to talk about their secret meeting with Facebook and what’ll happen if they don’t figure out a way to embrace people networking with their stage names.

Also joining us is Chicago drag queen Joan Waters, who just won Reddit’s Lipsync for Your Life Competition. Joan has a lot of funny things to talk about like that time she got into fight with two drag queens dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy, and all the online dirt.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Joan was a delight! Congrats on her Reddit win!

    As for FaceBook, they aren’t going to change their ways unless a) something shows them in a really bad light in the press (a protest, by drag performers, no less) and/or b) they start losing money. I think it’s about time someone created a new social networking site and does the opposite of what FaceBook has been doing.

  2. LOVED Joan! She was really funny and a lot less cunty than Tranika Rex! 🙂 I hope she becomes a comes back.

  3. I call bullshit on all of this. It comes down to the pure idea of money for the shareholders of Facebook. I have been Velvet Patsy on Facebook since I joined a million year ago. Even though I was born in the 70’s, my Christian name is not Velvet Patsy (my mother will not verify this). I dress in drag once a year and have used my profile to produce shows, events, fundraisers and whatnot, but I am not pushing the limit of friends requests (figures!!!).

    I wonder if the queens being notified are reaching their 5000 friend limit and then being forced to have fan pages and spend the money on ads, etc.

    I’ve been a huge FOF fan and a paid subscriber for years (you have done NOTHING for my likes). FB does not care about people with 14 friends.

    This is a conversation that needs to be explored further through educated queens (don’t call Lady Bunny).

    Always a supporter,
    Velvet Patsy
    (name with held)

  4. Artemisia says:

    I agree with Velvet Pasty, there are plenty of people who have had fake names on Facebook since the beginning of time. Jone is right that if Facebook has all our info on back end for their info what do they care what our friends know us as? It’s all bloody bull shit and Facebook Is enfringing on our right to privacy plane and simple.

    Hobestly I refused to use Facebook for the longest time because they had a binary gender system where as G+ had an “other” category… When Facebook added all the new gender options I started using it however really while My Space had lots of shit all over the pages Facebook is committing the worst sin of all, trying to control people and tell us what to do.
    I think I’m going to boycot Facebook and I hope the queens do their protest if for nothing ells just to take Facebook down a peg.

    By the way that story about the kids all wearing skirts for the trans student, that was really nice that really cheered up my day.

  5. jimmyV says:

    Are we really surprised that Facebook is enforcing a real names policy? Facebook members can already purchase birthday gifts on Facebook with a Facebook ID . Heck I can even sign into Feast of Fun with long in with Facebook

    Wouldn’t it be great if i could pay for Feast of Fun Plus using long in with Facebook? If Facebook wants to become a valid payments platform it needs real names. This policy has nothing to do with dag queens but everything to do with mobile payments.

  6. TheOneDoc says:

    I sure hope you guys reinvite Joan Waters. Girl is fun!

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