FOF #2216 – Congratulations Gloria Swansong, You’re a Winner!

Sep 14, 2015 · 1985 views

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The votes have been counted, and by a wide margin, drag queen Gloria Swansong is this year’s winner of Reddit’s Lip Sync for Your Life contest!

Today last years’ winner Joan Waters joins us to chat with Gloria Swansong about the contest, her outrageous musical MFA .


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Fausto, besides butchering that Pilates joke you also trashed the story about Disney.

    It isn’t the Electrical Light Parade that is going away it is the Osbourne Spectacle of Dancing Lights, a huge Christmas light display that currently is set up on the New York Street area of the Disney Hollywood Studios Park from Thanksgiving through New Years. This year will be the last year for it. At least you got the reason right: the new Star Wars and Pixar areas of the park will take over this area.

  2. Pierre Cruz says:

    Congratulations, Gloria, for winning this third season! And thank you for the compliments, Feast of Fun and Joan!!!!!!!!! When would I, a brazilian young gay guy, ever expect to hear my name on this international and famous podcast? I am so happy, I love this show! XOXO!

  3. Dannys Marrero (axelknight0717) says:

    Congrats Gloria! This season was really amazing, and I did learn A LOT from everyone believe it or not! The fact that I wrote my college essays about this competition proves that putting yourself out there and expressing yourself in a way you enjoy really does change your life! I’m glad I was able to experience this, and I hope there’s a lot more from MrsGloriaSwansong!

  4. Chickengirl says:

    great show with Joan as always…..!

    I have to ask though, I’ve been meaning to bring this up a couple times, when ever you bring up an article/newsstory from these sites, but why on earth do you guys use Gawker/Jezebel, and now, the worst of them all, Kotaku as relibable news sources??? All three of those websites have garnered a reputation of being an utter cancer, bottom of the barrel, trash “journalism”.

    Kotaku is probably the worst, then Jezebel because they act like their are this voice of feminism, but no, they are just garbage. Gawker, oh boy, nothing but scumbags, especially when they outed that media CEO for using a gay escort, and tried to play the victim like they did nothing wrong.

    and the thing is, I used to frequent all three of those websites regularly, so I am aware of the content they put out. But one day I was reading an article on Jezebel by the infamous Lindy West when I had this epiphany and asked myself “this is utter garbage, WHY am I reading this???!?!?” and then I never went on the site again. I still went on Gawker, because it was a quick outlet to get the news, and I enjoyed some of the other stuff they put out, a lot of the times reading the comments sections was more entertaining than the article itself, but after a while I realized Gawker was garbage too. Lastly with Kotaku, I used to go on it for video gaming news, but the ratio of crap, THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIDEO GAMES, like the article you guys mentioned on the show, to actual video game news started to drive me nuts so I stopped going there too.

    Again, all three of these sites and the entire Gawker enterprise have become synonymous as being some of the worst journalist websites out there on the internet, so I’m just curious why you guys think they are so great. Sure, there’s other trash journalist sites out there who also have bad reps like Buzzfeed, but Gawker is top tier of shit and I think you guys are the only ones I have encountered on the internet who enjoys these sites unironically.

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