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FOF #2580 – Jackie Beat Invented That

As Jackie Beat sang with Alaska in the album Poundcake, if there’s something you love about drag queens, Jackie Beat invented that.

Today the self proclaimed “World’s Biggest Bitch” Jackie Beat, joins us from her chateau in California to weigh in on Heklina’s marathon roast. Who knew there was so much shade to throw her way?

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FOF #2486 – The Drag Queens of Comedy is a Must-She!

Giant wigs, sequined gowns, too much mascara and lots of laughs, Sasha Soprano’s The Drag Queens of Comedy is the drag comedy showcase we’ve been hungry for.

Today, we take you backstage to The Drag Queens of Comedy in Chicago, where we kiki-ed with the most outrageous drag legends!

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FOF #2344 – Heklina Will Not Be Silenced

Heklina is a living legend- she started her amazing drag show in San Francisco way back in 1996 that ignited the careers of countless entertainers including Lady Gaga, Peaches Christ and Ana Matronic.

Today, Heklina joins us to take a look at the horrific shooting in Orlando and how gay bar owners are responding to the violence.

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FOF #2250 – Photographer to the Drag Queen Stars

Pretty much all of your favorite drag queens have been at one time or another photographed by San Francisco’s very own José Alberto Guzman Colón.

You’ve probably seen his work in Peaches Christ’s movie posters or plastered over many drag queens’ Facebook pages.

Today José Alberto Guzman Colón joins us to talk about the outpouring of support he received after getting all his camera equipment stolen and how to bring out the best in a drag queen’s photo shoot.

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FOF #2050 – Drag Queens vs Facebook

Today we’re joined by Heklina to talk about their secret meeting with Facebook and what’ll happen if they don’t figure out a way to embrace people networking with their stage names.

Also joining us is Chicago drag queen Joan Waters, who just won Reddit’s Lipsync for Your Life Competition. Joan has a lot of funny things to talk about like that time she got into fight with two drag queens dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy, and all the online dirt.

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FOF #1964 – Heklina’s Trouble with Trannyshack

For decades Heklina has been hosting the world’s longest running drag show in San Francisco: Trannyshack. Heklina is such an institution we’re kinda surprised she isn’t on display at a museum in the Castro.

Now there’s rumors that Heklina is contemplating changing the name of her infamous night to T-Shack. Is she finally getting with the times or is she just selling out to expand her brand?

PHOTO: Lady Bunny and Heklina and the Gaga Tribute Night

Love the lobster Heklina! Two of the nation’s fiercest drag queens pulled out their best material for the highly anticipated Gaga Trannyshack Tribute Night, which took place last week in San Francisco. And in case […]

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UPDATED: Trannyshack UK Wins Lawsuit Brought By Heklina

As I reported earlier this year, Heklina, the San Francisco drag queen and founder of the long running Trannyshack drag show sued a British outfit for copyright infringement. Heklina claimed that Trannyshack UK is being […]

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Photos: World Premier of Drag Version of “Baby Jane”

Here are photos from Tuesday’s triumphant premier screening of Billy Clift’s directorial debut film “Baby Jane?,” a parody remake of the classic gay cult film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” It stars Trannyshack impresario Heklina […]

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VIDEO: Golden Girls, Heklina, Baby Jane and Kevin Thomas All in One Video!

You may remember San Francisco hotel concierge Kevin Thomas from his appearances on the Feast of Fun in 2009.  I ran across this little interview he did with Feast Fun guest Heklina and the wonderful […]

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