FOF #1964 – Heklina’s Trouble with Trannyshack

Apr 8, 2014 · 1985 views

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For decades Heklina has been hosting the world’s longest running drag show in San Francisco: Trannyshack. Heklina is such an institution we’re kinda surprised she isn’t on display at a museum in the Castro.

Now there’s rumors that Heklina is contemplating changing the name of her infamous night to T-Shack. Is she finally getting with the times or is she just selling out to expand her brand?


  1. Artemisia says:

    Ok this is gonna sound really weird coming from me but I’m gonna say to Heklina, keep the name.

    Now I’m trans so why would I say that? Her show has been around 20 years, the word did not have the same meaning as it does now and it’s like a tradition, and it’s San Francisco…

    I know ‘tradition’ as a reason sounds a bit like keeping the confederate flag in the south, which may be close… If I hear of a show called Tranny Shack I may not go but maybe if I knew what it was about.

    Why I mentioned San Francisco is I’ve been there, loved it and really don’t want it to change. I loved the history in the Castro. You can really get a sense of the culture and that area has this unchanging feeling to it. I liked the un-PC of it.

    Being PC to not upset people now is nice and I’d want to say thank you to Keklina for considering to change the name, but being her show has been around for so long I’d say keep it. I actually don’t like PC that much my self because it’s like taking a movie I love like Pulp Fiction and taking out the cursing, thats right it sucks lol. I like not hiding anything because it shows the culture at the time.

    *Shrugs* it’s kind of weird when sometimes I get mad at Ru Paul for saying shemale but then I also get mad when I hear the N word.

  2. cassiofm says:

    “Why dont you learn C++, java script, etc and become a web designer?” best advice ever, lol. So funny, loved this show!

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