FOF #2049 – Trans Movie Villains

Sep 18, 2014 · 1985 views

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Watching a horror movie can be very therapeutic. You get to experience terror without any real danger and you get to scream real loud. Unfortunately, Hollywood shamefully capitalizes on the audience’s latent transphobia by centering horror films around transgender killers.

In real life, transgender people are usually the victims of heinous crimes instead of the perpetuators. Today, Parker Marie Molloy joins us to take a look at transgender movie villains.


  1. colaboy29 says:

    Just a little Rocky Horror education: Frankie split Eddie’s brain and put part of it in Rocky. After killing Eddie, he makes the comment: “Did I make a mistake splitting his brain between the 2 of them?”

    Another great episode!

  2. Jonas says:

    That short hairdo looks gorgeous on her. Great show guys! “*initiate automatic response>Hey thanks *blank*!”

  3. Jonas says:

    Oh, and what makes profiles better than pages is that it’s a lot easier to network and look up other people. When I used to have a page, it was really difficult to get people to like the page who are outside of your reach. It’s great that my mom and my sister like the page, but that’s not how you get bookers and club owners to find you. With a profile, you also get suggested people you might know and especially among artists that way it’s easier to find like-minded people, who might text you if they know someone who needs a host for the night etc. And I disagree that communication is just as easy on a page as it is on a profile, because it isn’t, it’s a lot less convenient.
    And the last point: If you want people to see what you post on your page nowadays you have to pay money, otherwise your posts won’t reach many people anymore. Some of the Queens of RPDR have like thousands and thousands of likes on their page but then they’ll get like a couple hundred on a selfie or something.


    Hopefully, the more episodes I’m on, the more people realize that I’m not (always) a monster. Follow me on twitter and stuff.

  5. James says:

    Not happy with Her being back on the show…..Pretty despicable person, I hope you guys don’t lose followers/listeners cause of your choice to have her on. I know shes a friend but at the end of the day shes a avery dislikable hypocrite who does not deserve any publicity.

    • colaboy29 says:

      I can certainly say Parker being on the show is not driving me away. I don’t see her as being a “monster” or any sort of negative person and found her conversation with M&F to be very educational. I’ve learned s lot about the trans community from her and other trans guests on the show.

    • I totally agree! I am the worst. W-O-R-S-T, worst.

      But really, did you listen to the show, or are you just commenting without hearing it?

    • I have to say I couldn’t stand the first show she was on, but I’ve really enjoyed the last few. Parker is very aware of the criticism lobbed at her and has apologized for some remarks she has made, learning from experience. As long as she continues to be open to dialogue, there is a space for her.

  6. Artemisia says:

    Hey guys you know a movie slut like me has to say something.

    First just wanted to say I like Parker. Shes fun I don’t know why people have a problem with her. Shes fun but shes not PC, so get the fuck over it. Think thats why I like her ‘ )

    Ok next the movies!

    Silents of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies however I never saw it as having a real trans character. Two of the biggest points to the movie is identifying with Clarise who is new, and learning how to be a confident FBI agent and the other is how Hannibal, who is real a psycho and we end up identifying with him as well.
    Buffalo Bill to me just seamed to me like he’s totally fucked up, and Hannibal even explains he’s not trans.

    Even if he was trans I don’t care? Why? Because we have a whole big world of fucked up psychos out their and trust there are a lot of trans out there and we don’t just get a free pass to not have one or two crazies in the bunch.
    As a trans do I like this fact, No. However as a women do I like the fact that there are crazy women out there, no, or as a human do I like the fact that there are dozens of cereal killers in prison or on death row, no.

    Just saying if we really want equality we have to judge equally and no one gets a free pass.

    This being said I say if your gonna be a villein have some class, or more the Buffalo Bill anyhow lol.

    You should check out
    Let the right one in, a Swedish movie with a trans vampire. In the US it’s called let me in but the trans part is taken out, which I think shes more of our countries homophobia but the movie still works.

    There was a remake of Last house on the Left which has a trans twist.

    If you want a lesbian villain twist, check out High Tension.

    By the way I’m a big big fan of Andrja Pegic I really hope she plays in a movie some day. That would make my day : )

    Anyhow loved the show loves and hugs

    • 🙂

      Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear that Buffalo Bill isn’t actually supposed to be a trans person any more than Ed Gein (who Buffalo Bill was modeled after) was. Gein was a grave-robber, murderer, creepy dude from Wisconsin. Trans? Nah.

      And like you said, even if Bill (or Gein) was trans, I don’t think that really matters. The “trans serial killer” plotline is played out, exhausted, lazy, predictable now. In 1991, however? It was still a fresh twist. 🙂

      • They didn’t intend Buffalo Bill to be a trans character, but he certainly is seen that way by audiences, and I think that’s why there was such an outrage when the film first came out.

        I like to think the character Buffalo Bill is to transphobia what Mel Brook’s Hitler characters from “The Producers” or “To Be or Not to Be” is to Nazi’s. I’d like to think audiences think the character’s ridiculous, over the top aspects ridicule bigotry, instead of glorifying it.

  7. I know we missed a lot of important moments, including this one from the action “comedy” movie “Freebie and the Bean”

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