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FOF #2156 – Keeping Up with Bruce Jenner

After years of speculation, Olympic champion Bruce Jenner tells ABC News “I am a woman.” Not many are surprised by the news but they are shocked that Bruce identifies as a Republican.

Today, Parker Marie Molloy who writes about trends and culture for Upworthy joins us to talk about Bruce, RuPaul’s new “you got mail” message and Michfest shutting down.

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FOF #2049 – Trans Movie Villains

Watching a horror movie can be very therapeutic. You get to experience terror without any real danger and you get to scream real loud. Unfortunately, Hollywood shamefully capitalizes on the audience’s latent transphobia by centering horror films around transgender killers.

In real life, transgender people are usually the victims of heinous crimes instead of the perpetuators. Today, Parker Marie Molloy joins us to take a look at transgender movie villains.

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FOF #2037 – Michael Sam Takes a Shower

It’s been six months since Michael Sam was drafted into the Rams as the first openly gay player in the NFL. Recently, ESPN ran an update about the defensive end’s career and focused on the player’s shower habits.

Today, writer Zach Stafford joins us to take a look at the media’s odd fascination with Michael Sam’s shower habits, and why straight men look at each others dongs in the locker room a lot more than gay men do.

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FOF #1981 – War of the Words

One of the hot topics we’ve been covering is the controversy over RuPaul’s Drag Race use of the word tranny and she-male.

Today we’re joined by Parke Marie Molloy, one blogger who’s led the charge against using these words and says we can’t move forward towards equality if we don’t address this issue. Listen as Parker Marie talks takes us to task for some of the things we’ve said on this show and Parker receives a special phone call from Alaska Thunderfuck

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