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The water born infection guy was Dr John Snow who deduced that cholera was caused by the water from a public pump in Soho London. He... » More

On FOF #2390 – Queer Science

Great show, loved the “nod” to Miss Ronnie, Sal-E and Amanda. A hark back to early days of off the wall madness. If ever I need... » More

On FOF #1985 – Stop and Smell the Roses

Who wouldn’t want to stalk Eric? He’s cute 😀 » More

On FOF #1919 – Smoking in the Boys Room

Totally loved today’s show Kevin was such a lovely guy. I can’t help thinking it would be great to get him on a show with Larry... » More

On FOF #1868 – Working on a Sex Farm

I think you can sum up in three little words. Film: Bear City 😀 » More

On FOF #1803 – Gay Bears Stir Up the Honey Pot