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Healthy Choice Falling Mini-Boxes!

OK, so I’m not really a health nut.  But after watching a healthy choice commercial that talks about how they were going to throw mini boxes out of the sky for samples……..I had to hit […]

Equality AZ Board Removes Entire Staff

There have been no official statements from the organization itself, but the information is generating tremendous discussion on social media and blogs.  What the of Equality Arizona will be is unsure at this time. […]

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Fausto & Marc Interviewed on NidoCAST from Phoenix!

During my trip to BlogWorld in Las Vegas, I had the awesome opportunity to interview Fausto and Marc from FOF on my own Phoenix-based podcast, NidoCAST.  As you could guess, we take a whole bunch […]

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Great episode and interview guys. Also, we had a restaurant in uptown Phoenix actually called ‘The Fish Market’ until recently. All us gays used to joke... » More

On FOF #1147 – Tales of Woe and Horror Under DADT

Odeo is still around btw. I just posted my podcast to it recently. » More

On FOF #1146 – Making Your Blog Fabulous

A tribute to Michael’s comment about a cow being attacked by sharks. Here’s a flying ‘ocean cow’ and its companion!!! 🙂 I’ve used... » More

On FOF #1139 – Did Obama Change His Mind?

Wow, I don’t even remember this being on the news here locally!! Crazy story! Thank you for the dedication, though!! 🙂 » More

On FOF #1138 – A Pack of Hungry Chihuahuas

Just to update/correct the info….. Cindy McCain is part of Hensley and Company, the 3rd largest Budweiser distributor/wholesaler in the US, located in Phoenix. They are... » More

On FOF #1129 – PIEromaniacs