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Ha ha Jonas, I was thinking the same thing. I love me some him x x x » More

On Model Ronnie Kroell Talks About Discovering His Boyfriend was a Porn Star

Oh My God! I’ve said it before and I say it again. I want him to be my “beautiful slave.” There’s something about his smile that... » More

On Interview with Ronnie Kroell, Part 1 [VIDEO SIMULCAST]

I haven’t listened yet, like many. But just reading the part you wrote has made my eyes well up (and I’m not usually so sentimental). I... » More

On FOF #962 – A Hard Woman is Good to Find

I know this sounds desperate…but when’s the Ronnie one going up!!!!!! x » More

On Jessica Halem Returns to Chicago

I’m obsessed with him. Watched MMAS online then when it aired in the UK. I actually love him – I think it’s his alluring smile. Is... » More

On FOF #957 – Rock the Runway Ronnie