FOF #962 – A Hard Woman is Good to Find

Apr 1, 2009 · 1985 views

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Today we celebrate 11 years of fabulous shows, once as Feast of Fools, today as Feast of Fun. We’ve managed to dig up a very special guest from way back when, the tragically glamorous Victoria […]


  1. Your going to love my transformation in the video- Daphne gets what’s coming to her.

  2. WARNING says:

    Matt/Victoria, You are the man! / you go girl!

    stay sober! you look fab-u-lous!


  3. matt says:

    We should all find the inner queen or king inside ourselves and let ourselves go wild. Nice to see you back Vic. 馃檪

  4. Marcin says:

    That is such a wonderful and movie story, Matt/Victoria. I love you and wish you all the best in life, hon. 馃檪

  5. Marcin says:

    Ack, I hate being unable to edit my comment. I wanted to say “moving”, not “movie”, although coming to think about it, perhaps it would make a good screenplay for a movie too.

    Perhaps it was a Freudian slip (or a hint from some creative spirit). 馃槈

  6. Fabs says:

    I have not yet listened to the show but I’m allready crying in front of my Mac. It is so good to hear from Vimi again! Especially to here that she’s doing fine!
    Victoria was the reason once fell of the treadmill in gym (“quarterturns, quarterturns”)!
    I love you guys and I hope Vici is coming on the show more often from now on.

  7. [nObLe] says:



  8. YAY! V-Marr is back. Lovely to hear you again, great show. More! More!

  9. Michael says:

    I haven’t listened to the show yet, but the photos and the entry have got me on my toes! I’m sorry that I missed meeting VMar at the home studio the other day – but I’m sorta glad I left when I did……you guys got KWAZY!

  10. garyc says:

    I haven’t listened yet, like many. But just reading the part you wrote has made my eyes well up (and I’m not usually so sentimental). I love me some V-Marr and this is possibly the greatest day to be an FOF fan from back in the days!!!! Happy BIRTHDAY bitches! x

  11. victorialamarr says:

    thank you so much for all your kind words , i had such a great time recording the podcast
    with mark and Fausto reliving the past and how much fun and good time
    Ive had in my life and the sad time it was some what emotional ,one thing about me is
    Am a fighter i don’t give up doing the show has made me realie what a great life ive have.
    how much i miss all my friends. and some of the big mistake ive made but when it all said
    and done life go on again thank you guy you dont know how much it me to me to have
    friend again , before podcasting we made video on feminizeing daffny dumont i hope i got her
    drag name right i don’t to upsent here lol thank you for down loading the fof fun love vmarr

  12. Cliff Dix says:

    I love you V-Marr! I am so glad to hear you are back on track. Don’t let that nasty Daphne Dumont slow you down. Happy 11th Birthday to you guys and good luck to you Matthew. And to Daphne: Damn, you sure is ugly.

  13. hello Cliff nice to see you again i had a great time on the show hope your well
    love Victoria Lamarr

  14. Sudbury Simon says:

    so great to have you back Esta!
    Love you much,

  15. DCRyan says:

    These are the shows that demonstrate how special FOF is.

    The fact that the minute I saw V-marr was on the show I felt like I was sitting down to coffee with an old friend is just amazing to me. It shows how FOF really connects the audience with its mission and its guests.

    I also want to thank Victoria for showing her appreciation to Fausto and Marc and all the listeners. Many past “regular guests” disappeared without so much as a good-bye even though they were able to travel to fun events on the funding/support of Feast of Fun. I don’t want to be negative in this post toward those people so I will instead say that V-marr is a truly classy lady for showing genuine appreciation for fans. Even if you only show up every so often it means a lot to me, and I’m sure many other listeners, that you still do check in with us.

    Which brings me to my last point, Fausto and Marc are, as always, the catalyst that drives this podcast. The guests on the show, though interesting, are truly able to shine because of the insightful, interesting, and thought-provoking questions that Fausto and Marc ask. Without them FOF would be just another talk show. So I want to applaud the talent of you boys and remind you that you touch our hearts daily.

  16. The most beautiful woman on the internet returns!

    V-Marr, it was so wonderful to hear your voice today. Every day since that first meet-and-greet in NYC I have thought of you and your hilarious personality. I know I speak for many longtime fans when I say that I wish you nothing but the best and am glad to see you return from obscurity. I’ve spent time down in Miami, especially Miami Beach, and girl it’s good to know you’re back in Chicago. That place can be gghhhheeeeeeeeet-to!

    You are a fabulous character and I hope the internet continues to be blessed by your beauty for years to come.

  17. Rhea says:

    Holy shit, V-Marr is back!

    Holy shit. 馃檪

    V-Marr, I’m over the moon, knowing that you are well and in a healthy place in your life. There are so many people all over the world who love you, who love you, who are rooting for you, even when times are dark. You go, girl!

  18. Its so awesome that VMarr is back!!! I started listening to the show back in the beginning of ’06 so it really is great to hear from her again! I hope she does well when she moves back to Chicago and I also hope that this won’t be her last time on the show again! VMarr is the best!

  19. RcktMan says:

    Matthew/V-Marr it’s SO good to hear you on the show again!!! It really did feel a lot like Deja Vu to have you back. So many wonderful memories and great laughs we all shared with you… so many crazy stories, and hilarious videos. You said it so well in the show — you are a fighter, and an inspiration. To live through everything you’ve lived through and come out of it stronger and healthier… that’s amazing. I’m looking forward to your return to Chicago and to your friends and family who love you.

    Thanks guys… this was the best April “Feast of” Fools present ever 馃檪

  20. It so nice to here from every one hi xchickengirlx it so nice to be remember and apperiated
    i hope every thing is good in your life am moving back to Chicago April 3 i found a apt
    that i use to rent and work there as a desk clerk it a mad house but the rent is good
    am hoping that i will be able to perform on stage again and meet nice people like you
    me and mark and Fausto made a new Video and it was like old time thank i feel like
    joan crawford in baby JANE HUDSON LOL LOVE VICTORIA LAMARR

  21. Dennis says:

    Vicki – coming from your lovely luscious lumps of love down here in the land of that BITCH Anita Bryant I am gonna miss you when Chicago takes you back but you were meant to be in the spot light making us all enjoy life. If ever there were a girl who was going to take me into the world of dressing drag for the first time you were to be my mama and i will never forget the fabulous makeup number you did on my face girl. Give it everything you got girl….I know all the the boys are hoping you will. Remember when you spread your wings you spread your legs and the joy will come. Gonna miss you girl but you were meant to be in the spotlight. Proud to have met you and will NEVER forget you and will always be my sister in AIDS. You have taught me a lot in the short time we have known each other and with you moving to Chicago girl that’s pne more beautiful Cuban Boy for me!!!!! And Remember once again spread your laughter and spread your your legs and the boys of Chicago will not be able to resist!!! Your sister forever Dennis

  22. Cray says:

    I didn’t start listening to the show until after Victoria had stopped appearing, and have heard a lot about her… Its so nice to hear her on the show, and I hope she can stay healthy and come around again!

  23. input your comment here…thank you you Cray it nice to meet you and am gland you enjoyed the fof podcast , as you know am coming Chicago and it would be nice to hang out with
    Mark Fausto how ever the are guess all the time and every one going to be independ
    so it a great way to but your self out there but you haft to do the foot work , that the way it sould be love you guys vmarr

  24. DL says:

    Thanks, guys. So glad to hear Victoria’s voice again. We missed her a lot and so happy to hear her again. I’m one of those crazy Vietnamese fan of Victoria. Please take good care of yourself and come back to the feast more. Looking forwards to more of your appearances.

    Love you. As always, the FOF rocks!!!!!!

  25. CharlesVer33 says:

    I agree, FOF is FOFBULOUS! By the way, it seems the hottest thing in your fireplace is you.

    and i love the food where is Chicago band now love DL

  27. V-Marr is pretty in pink.

  28. And what is going on with that fireplace DL? Yeow! Mary Poppins films a gay porno. Chim chim cheree!

  29. dave73 says:

    It’s great to hear Victoria Lamarr on the show. Like many people who listened to the podcast within the last 3 years (1 year in my case), I only heard about her. We all can learn from Victoria about various struggles in life. Other than some Youtube clips, I’d like to see Victoria Lamarr at a show one day. Knowing that most upcoming shows will be during the week will be difficult to see for me. I’ll manage on that somehow.

    BTW, I don’t believe FoF listeners will be hearing the last of Victoria Lamarr, now that she’s coming back to Chicago. If Victoria isn’t on the show, then she’ll be somewhere else online, along with Marc & Fausto. Maybe Marc will continue his alter ego Daphne Dumont.

  30. Drew says:

    I never knew of Victoria Lamarr until now, but WOW. What a sad, powerful and fascinating story.

  31. I love you Victoria and I never stopped. There is something just captivating about you whether performing or speaking, the good times and the not so good. But, there is also this familiarity like an instant comfort you get with an old friend. You’re a wonderful person and that comes across in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your story with us and for entertaining us. The pics are too die for!!!

  32. dejarvu says:

    i can’t believe vmarr is back! i started listening to FoF in ’05 and i’ve always enjoyed episodes with vmarr in it. i’m so glad she is alive and doing well. take care vmarr!

    MY MASCARA RUN DOWN MY CHEEKS .I THINK Am down to earth , it nice to know you
    remember me and i remember you your a great guy TRICKTOSO LOVE VICTORIA LAMARR


  35. Tralfaz says:

    Marc, about the Star Trek fabric. You might have to work at finding it. Apparently there’s a recent fad for a corporation to have specialty fabric made that has a logo woven into the fabric. What you see is the Star Trek arrowhead insignia woven into the fabric for the costumes. If you find a huge publicity image file you can see the detail. It’s such a tiny pattern that you’re not likely to notice it unless you hold down Chris or Zach and examine them very, very closely. Not that I’ve thought of doing that, or that I’m a trekkie who has been carefully searching the innertubes these last 18 months for trivial rumors and gossip about the movie, or anything.

  36. Tralfaz says:

    And on second thought, you could probably find a fabric that just has some tiny pattern woven into it that resembles the real thing from a few feet away. It should work just fine, unless you run into an obsessed trekkie (who holds you down and examines you very, very closely).

  37. I didn’t realize that the pattern was the Star Trek insignia. I guess I haven’t seen a publicity photo with a high enough rez.

    The pattern is more likely to be screen printed on the fabric rather than actually woven into it.
    If that’s the case, if we can find the right fabric, we can screen print the pattern ourselves.

  38. VMarr, I nearly fell out of bed when I heard you were back on the show. I almost wet myself with excitement, and shed a little tear to have you back – yes you’d made me moist at both ends!
    I am so glad you are doing well, even your voice sounds stronger. As a long time listener I send you much love and positive thoughts for your future.

    To this day I’ll be out doing something mundane and your mother, in the background of your video, will pop into my head and make me laugh.

    It’s good to know you’re safe and well. Don’t be a stranger round these parts, you hear?

  39. hello honey it’s so good to be back in the windy city, my mother was a is how
    Iv’e created alot of my careiters like me in good time and bad she a fighter
    and after being in Florida she so happy am back , Am gland i made you laugh
    at are self and other , Fausto has a way geting the true storey from his guess
    and we allway had a relationship base on trust , i need to use my spell check
    i keep making mistake , you sould get a bed with bar like to so you dont fall out of bed lol
    thank you love Victoria lamarr

  40. flowergurl281 says:

    Yayy! Im happy to see V-Marr is good 馃檪
    Love this episode!

  41. I still find it a little hard to believe that V-Marr is in Chicago, but she is!

  42. Come how else spell like me lol yea am back and living in a little sleeping room
    it not bad it clean and some what , quiet I now live in uptown the new boys town
    Am trying to have every thing change over to Chicago , i need to get my med and
    A case manger so am spending a lot of time to get every thing in order
    I can’t do it all in one day , looking forward to being here and seeing my mother
    love you guys love Victoria Lamarr

  43. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Welcome back to Chicago (at least for a little while) Victoria!

  44. victorialamarr says:

    Jsonsmith it been a long time ,I think the last time we where togather
    it was a photo shot it been along time ,I hope life is good in the big apple
    you are so talented with the camra , you made me look fab .
    yes Am here in the windy city , i left alot of my belonging with my mother
    she hold on to then all this time , one thing in particular i found was a copy
    off the calender we made three year ago ,i have it hanging up
    on my wall and i look at it a laught , I hear your comeing back to Chicago
    it would be nice to see you again love victoria lamarr

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