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Last Day of WFTDA Eastern Regionals

Also being called derby in the berbs this is the last day of  the WFTDA play off round for the East leading up to championship in Chicago in November. For those of you who haven’t […]

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pssst they are adjustable » More

On FOF #1424 – Cameron Esposito is in Love with You

at least it is not as bad as friday… » More

On VIDEO: Rebecca Black is Back

it’s 89 and the sun is down blarg. » More

On IMAGE: Hilarious Heat Index

They kind of look like training point shoes. » More

On 8-inch high heels from hell covered in rhinestones

yeah the guy who started that got kicked out of the gallery , buuut it was against the rules ( ie no protesting, no yelling and... » More

On New York Votes In Marriage Equality Act, Allowing Same-Sex Couples to Marry