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I second what Rick said. FIERCE! Holy crap Marc, that was really fantastic. 😀 All these panda videos have been completely hilarious. I can’t wait for... » More

On Panda is Piaf

Meredith does speak very slowly in her podcast, but I think part of that is that the podcast is a very different sort of podcast from... » More

On FOF #821 – Preparing for Disaster

That really IS beautiful. Thank you! » More

On Varla Jean Merman is Beautiful

I believe the best response here is Yaaaaaaaay! Adorable. Informative. » More

On Know Your Limits

Just listened to this episode again – I love Jen. Her album is next up on my list to buy – I\’ve been saving pennies and... » More

On FOF #641 – Powerhouse Diva