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Barbados Bans Black Swan

The same country which banned Brokeback Mountain back in 2005 is at it again. I am scratching my head on this one. Barbados Free Press Report: “Sure, we have to have standards over what is […]

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Lady Gaga Becomes Lady Blah Blah

Caribbean mobile provider Digicel parodies Lady Gaga in an Ad. LOL

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Uganda Proposes Death Penalty for HIV Positive Gays

Britain and Canada protested yesterday over a proposed law that would result in gays in Uganda being imprisoned for life or even executed. The Times & The Sunday Times The latest UK and world news, […]

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This is HIGHlarious! I love you Philip Morris really is a great film. You should definitely check it out. » More

On VIDEO: Jim Carrey Takes Letterman to Task for Being a Homophobe.

I thought this show was great! Lady Bunny raised many great points. Obama is not playing up his accomplishments. Does anyone even remember he won the... » More

On FOF #1293 – The Wit and Wisdom of Lady Bunny

Miley Cyrus eat your heart out! LOL » More

On Little Girls Do Single Ladies

I think I may have put the embed code in the wrong box when making the post. Thanks Marc! 😀 » More

On Lady Gaga Becomes Lady Blah Blah

Yeah it is funny…I did put the embed code but for some reason there is just an empty white flash box. :-S » More

On Lady Gaga Becomes Lady Blah Blah